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Putting “Teeth” Into the Battle against Tooth Loss

 My Dental Wig Mobile is a game-changing solution for Americans beset with tooth loss. A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports that over 70% of Americans are missing at least one tooth, so My Dental Wig Mobile promises to change the way this huge population deals with tooth loss.

My Dental Wig Mobile System gives people faced with tooth loss an alternative to going to the dentist when it comes to fixing their missing teeth problems. My Dental Wig Mobile provides a missing tooth replacement option that is less costly and time-consuming than bridges and crown work. When it comes to fixing missing teeth, offering a fast, safe, painless, and affordable option, My Dental Wig Mobile System is a game-changer in the effort to restore confident smiles to the 70% of Americans in need of dental work.

"With the cost of a traditional crown or bridge easily topping the $4,000 - $5,000 range, it is prohibitively expensive for those who can expect to lose on average one tooth a year," notes a My Dental Wig Mobile company official. "Additionally, the turnaround time between that initial dental exam and the final placement of a bridge or crown can range in months, if not more."

My Dental Wig Mobile System promises a cost-effective solution.

"Society rewards a brilliant smile, but at the same time it also associates negative connotations to toothless smiles," said the My Dental Wig Mobile System spokesperson. "My Dental Wig provides an outstanding smile at a fraction of the cost and absolutely none of the pain that you would experience with a traditional dental implant or dental bridge."

Another problem related to implants, crowns and bridges, is attending the many appointments needed for a successful replacement.

While current mobile dentistry operations provide exams, x-rays, and cleanings from their mobile venues, replacing missing teeth is done exclusively onsite in an office environment. By comparison, My Dental Wig Mobile goes directly to the client's home. Therefore, the entire procedure is far more streamlined and convenient. It allows people with missing teeth to reclaim their smile within a week's time without ever having to leave their house.

By Lydie Livolsi, Founder & CEO of Dental Wig & Dental Wear, has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, including Dental Practice Management. She is a Missing Teeth Expert.

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