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Should I Get an Implant for My Missing Tooth?

By Lydie Livolsi

Missing a tooth can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem, affecting confidence and damaging self-worth. Some people make the decision to live with unsightly gaps, while others choose a more solitary lifestyle in order to hide a toothless smile.

There are solutions to missing teeth, of course. Dental implants are among the most common alternatives, providing a stand-in tooth to make up for the loss of a real one. In this solution, an implant is surgically inserted into the gum to recreate the look and feel of a natural tooth. Although this process is often painful and costly, it ultimately is highly effective.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants come in two major categories: metal implants and metal-free implants. Metal implants are commonly made of titanium, which is a strong, resistant to scratching, wear and tear, and affordable metal. Despite these advantages, many people are sensitive to metal, titanium included, they are therefore destined to significant discomfort over time. In these cases, most dentists use non-metal implants, which are typically made of ceramic. As such, these implants are much more likely to crack or break, and thus imply potential replacements down the road. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are extremely common for the replacement of missing teeth. They offer numerous benefits to patients. Primarily, implants are a permanent solution in most cases, they recreate a missing tooth without significant upkeep over time. Dental implants also improve oral health, thus they reduce the risk of bacteria penetrating the space where the missing tooth used to be. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, implants affect smile and speech positively and boost confidence.

Implant Alternatives and My Dental Wig

Despite the benefits of dental implants, there are drawbacks. Dental implants require costly surgery and multiple appointments, including consultations, fittings, and follow ups. This process takes time and can be very inconvenient, adding days or weeks of roadblocks on your path towards a healthy smile. Surgical complication rates are low, but negative outcomes, infections, and diseases do occur in a small percentage of patients.

For those in need of a better, safer, and more affordable alternative, My Dental Wig can do everything an implant can without expensive surgery or painful fittings. The Dental Wig is a patented, non-metal snap-in removable replacement for missing tooth, customized to precisely fit your mouth. This unique product allows you to have the stunning smile you deserve quickly and easily. Affordable to produce and easy to clean, the Dental Wig boasts the stability and aesthetics of dentures without the incurring the discomfort and maintenance that go with implants. In addition, My Dental Wig is the most eco-friendly dental product on the market, it thus represents the perfect balance between comfort and awareness. Crafted by custom technicians in your own home, there's no better way to give you the smile you've always wanted.

Lydie Livolsi, Founder & CEO of Dental Wig & Dental Wear, has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, including Dental Practice Management. She is a Missing Teeth Expert.


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