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Things to Know About Dental Implants

 If you're looking to make your smile great again, you'll want to take a look at dental implants. The first thing to know is that there are two categories of dental implants – metal implants, which use titanium, and metal-free implants, which use zirconia. In each category you'll find both fixed and removable dental implants.

 According to the American College of Prosthodontists, routine follow up care for your dental implants is necessary or they will not last as long as they could. They might get lose, chip or fall out. It’s important to see your Prosthodontist at least every 6 months. All these problems increase the cost of implant.

Fixed Dental Implants

These are sometimes called "permanent teeth" – but that's a misnomer, as your natural teeth are the permanent ones! Technically, these are fixed teeth. Before you jump on the fixed dental implant solution, there are some aspects you should consider. To start with, fixed dental implants can be inconvenient – you have to go to a dentist to get them installed and it takes a long time to set them up properly.

Many people lose their "natural" permanent teeth because of gum diseases which stem from difficulties cleaning. If you opt for a fixed dental implant solution, those cleaning difficulties may continue and they can also lead to bad breath. Because of the bone recession, there are "dark triangles" between teeth as shown on pictures bellow.


Removable Dental Implants

They are easy to put on but they're also easy to break due to their reduced width. Removable dental implants aren't "permanent," but they're easier to manage than their more pricey fixed implants cousins. They're easier to clean than their fixed counterparts, but it can still be a challenge when compared to something like My Dental Wig.

The choice is yours: do you want the more expensive and more cumbersome permanent solution, or the cost-effective and easier to manage removable dental wig option?

By Lydie Livolsi, Founder & CEO of Dental Wig & Dental Wear, has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, including Dental Practice Management. She is a Missing Teeth Expert.

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