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Part 1: Voice America: Amplified March 9,2020 Lydie Livolsi’s Interview with Ken Rochon & Andrea Adams Miller


Voice America March 9,2020 Lydie Livolsi’s  Interview

Welcome to Amplified! We are the show that will help you take your message, whatever it may be, and get it out through social media, networking, and other marketing channels. Maybe even some that you've never thought of, whether you're an organization, small or large business, or you just have the next positive message that sure to go viral, you'll want to stay tuned this hour.

Now, here's your host Ken Rochon.

Ken: Well, welcome, welcome. I have to say it twice because you're going to be having a little Deja vu today cause it's the Lydie Lydie show and we are calling, actually Andrea. Andrea is calling from Alexandria, Virginia and Alexandria Egypt. So pretty cool there. Um, she's on, she's on a bus with a lot of fish and that's pretty cool.

Andrea: I do actually have my fish with me. So, I am in Alexandria, Egypt. I was just at the Alexandria library, and prior to that we were at the fish market for our dinner where I was too busy talking to the owner and getting to know him at the famous fish market. So, they packed up my dinner to go, so I haven't even had it yet. So there, there is fish on this bus and along with other like 10 other women from the Women Economic Forum. And so, we're having a blast.

Ken:  And, uh, is, is one of the Lydies with you in Egypt?

Andrea: Neither of the Lydie came with me. Oh, they stayed behind.

Ken: Well, there's no Lydias, there's only Lydies here.

Andrea:   I met Lydie. I haven't slept like in seven days. I'm a little flap happy.

Ken: All right. Well, very good. So, this is a great event you went. You said there were like 500 to a thousand leaders all around the world. Uh, inspiring smiles.

Andrea: Seven, seven hundred women.

Ken:  Cool, and anyone you want to mention? I know.

Andrea: Yeah even hundred women were here. We had women representing 75 countries. Uh, Dr Harbin is our connection. 

Ken: And uh, give me one highlight really quick.

Andrea:  the highlight, for us is the keep smiling movement. I had shared that I wanted to get in front of the ministers of 156 countries that participate and the happiness index. I already spoke with one of the Ministers of social solidarity here in Egypt, and she wants to talk to us and work with us for the Keep Smiling movement.

And she said smiling is one of the greatest things ever. And I already made a video message to the one in Romania and that is being hand delivered by a personal friend of hers. So, we are going to have two connections already in two countries and multiple other women I talked from other countries, are on board with the smiling movement. So, the connections here with these women are amazing.

Ken: So, I'm so excited that you met this, first Lydie that's going to be in the first segment, because that spurred me on to bring Dr Lydie actually pretty early on, and I wanted to bring her on later. And because she's doing a Keep Smiling book, actually, just like a, your Liddy guest is, and so I was thinking the only thing that could challenge a Lydie - Lydie show is a Ken - Ken show. And I don't know if we can find another Ken, so I can mimic this, but this is definitely a challenge. I feel like Lydie and Lydie are giving me.

Andrea:  well, we've had other Kens on before, so I'm sure we can find some other famous Kens. Thank you for the challenge. I'm up to it, Ken. I will Ken connect you to another, Ken.

Ken: Well, I'll tell you, this is kind of cool because both of the Lydies we have on the show are both doing keep Smiling books. So, they're both leaders that are leading with their heart and causing big change and inspiration in the world. So why don't you give a big introduction to Lydie because I know Dr Lydie's listening right now and, eager to hear about our Lydie sister.

Andrea: I will do that. This doctor, oh! excuse me, Dr Lydie is our second guest.  Lydie, our first guest, she may not be a doctor, but man, this woman deserves one. She's been amazing.  she's been originally born and raised in West African nation of Cameroon, and she now lives in, California.

And she went to the dental school in France and completed her dental technician Master's program. And after that, she just thought that there was something missing in the world, based on some family experiences that she'll share with us. And she ended up creating this opportunity for people to have dental replacements put into their mouth that helps snap right into the empty space that comfortably fits in and replaces your missing teeth.

It's a technology that she's manufactured and come to build. It's called My Dental Wig, just like we wear a wig on our head. This is a dental wig. It's like a wig you wear in your mouth, but it's not hairy and it's been fascinating how she's been able to create this in such a way that she is really saving people's lives.

Ken: Lydie's book. I love this.

Andrea: And English, by the way is one of her Fourth languages. she speaks four languages,

Ken: just four! Okay, well, we're going to hear about those four languages from Lydie and Dr Lydie also speaks like three languages. So, we've got a lot of languages here. And Lydie’s book cover says

Andrea:  If memory lost, what about root canal? And she's. Yeah, she's doing some amazing stuff. So, let's welcome her. Oh, am I alive from Alexandria? I'll shut up. I'll turn off my Skype so you'll have to text me differently, but hopefully you can still hear me better now.

Ken:  I can now. So, I'm going to just go ahead and read the cover because you were out a lot for that introduction. So, the cover of Lydie's book ss “If Teeth Loss and Chewing Loss Lead to Memory Loss, What About Root Canal”? # one Smile Expert. First edition. So Lydie, welcome to the show. How are you?

Lydie:  Hi Ken. Thank you so much for having me here. And also, thank you so much, Andrea, from, Alexandria. I'm very, very excited to be here with you today.

Ken: Well bonjour. Um, Tres bien and, Dr Lydie also speaks French, so we might have to throw, have a throw down there. And, you know, the fact that you're the number one Expert and you're doing a “keep Smiling” book and that, you know, all these languages, but you know, that actually really hits my heart.

Liddy: Tell me

Ken: I'm going to tell you right now that Doctor Sammy Noumbissi from Cameroon, he obviously speaks French. He lives in the DC area, and he was the very first person to believe in the keep Smiling book three or four years ago. He was the very first “keep Smiling” book. So, if it wasn't for a Cameroon, we wouldn't have a keep Smiling book or movement at this level.

Because as you know, it's always the first person that is a believer or early adopter that actually sends a ripple through the world. And he is actually. The founder of the international implantology, a dental conference that has happened in New Orleans this week. So, I just want to tell you how excited I am that you're on the show with Lydian.

I think my prediction is that when the two Liddy's talk after the show, I think a magical friendship is going to occur. I think that you guys are super, super leaders and women, so powerful. So. I couldn't think of a better way to introduce to people that may not have ever met each other. And here we are, the Lydie - Lydie show isn't that cool?

Lydie: Wow. Do you know what? Another surprise

Ken: Tell me,

Lydie:  I'll tell you, he's from my tribe, just based on his name. I am hundred percent sure.

Ken:  Oh wow. That is. Well. Then we have to have you come out to DC to meet Sammy and, or if you're going to be in New Orleans this week, you can see him personally. I'll, I'll go ahead and get a photo of the two of you.

Lydie: Wow.

Ken: Okay. So, you know, the segment goes so quickly. So, I just want to be intentional about making sure that, we really get your story. And at the end of the show, there's going to be rapid fire where, we ask you and Lydie very, very quick questions. You get very, very quick answers to things we hadn't had a time to ask.

So if you can give me a short synopsis of who you are, you know, where you're born, why did you, uh, what happened in your life that caused you to be the number one Smile Expert and have such a concern about root canals?

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