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Your EB5 Investment Amount Will Be Converted Into Shares Before IPO!!


If #JeffBezos’ father had stayed in #Cuba, there would never have been #Amazon today.


If #ElonMusk’s mother had stayed in #SouthAfrica, there would never have been #Tesla and #Spacex today.


If #BarackObama's father had stayed in #kenya, there would never have been a #Black #President of the United States of America.    


If I #LydieLivolsi had stayed in #Cameroon or in #France, you would never have had this wonderful opportunity to radically transform your destiny and that of your descendants, thanks to our amazing #EB5 Investor  #Visa’s offer which helps you and your family, to obtain the #USA green card and to become an early stage investor in my company which will be listed on the #stockexchange very soon.


This is the power of coming to America!

Because the entire #EB5 process takes time, yes, the EB5 petitions are accepted even during the pandemic.

If you AND your money are clean, meaning not related to terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundry, crimes, corruption etc. don’t wait

WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770

 me for more information

We guarantee your creation of the 10 full-time jobs in the USA required by the US government to obtain your green card


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