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What Is The Origin Of Quarantine?


The Origin of "Quarantine" We're talking about "quarantine since many weeks. As many of you guys know, I speak 4 languages and  French is my second one.

I'm very excited to share with you the origin of quarantine. If you like, share it.

Quarantine derives from a French word “quarantaine” which means forty. In the 12th century, the (holy) quarantine was used to speak of the forty-day period of Lent. We also had the quarantine-the-king (Philippe Auguste, Saint Louis) who forbade an offended lord to take revenge before this period is over. It was from the 17th century that the expression was used to designate the period of isolation which was intended to prevent the spread of an epidemic (people supposedly contaminated were kept away, prevented from moving, for forty days), quarantine badly applied in Marseille in 1721 since it is from this city that a great epidemic of plague started. Thus, during epidemics or suspected illnesses from abroad, there were boats quarantined near the ports and marked with a special flag prohibiting other ships from approaching them. If the term remained, the duration of medical quarantines quickly became variable, generally much less than forty days. By extension, someone who is quarantined is also someone who is excluded from a group.

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