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Eb5: 76 Days Left. Where And When To Buy My Turnkey EB5 Visa Investment ?




This is Lydie Livolsi broadcasting directly from Los Angeles California. How are you doing today? Today is September 5th, 2019, only 76 days left before November 21, 2019. What's going to happen again on November 21, 2019? Well, November 21, 2019, is the day where the amount required by the USCIS to apply for the Standalone Eb5 visa investment will increase from $1,000,000 dollars USD to $1,800,000 dollars USD. Can you imagine? That an increase of $800,000 dollars USD! So, I am here every day, sharing tips with you on how to save that money. 



Today, somebody asked me "Lydie, I have the $1 million dollars USD required, I've watched all your videos on You Tube, I like your business model, what's next?"  Simple, the next thing is go to and buy your turnkey Standalone EB5 visa investment as soon as possible. "Why Turnkey?" Because we provide everything. From great USA Lawyers, CPA, Multilanguage, team, our business model etc. When you buy one turnkey Standalone EB5 visa investment, it comes with 4 My Dental Wig Licensing. That means you are owning 4 companies! 4 DBA (Doing Business As) under your one company. Can you imagine!  So, right away, you own 4 DBA dental businesses here in America! That's the power of Mydentalwig Turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa Investment.  



"After I buy my Turnkey Standalone Visa Investment, what's next?" The next thing is that, we don't have access yet to the money. It's on hold with the bank until you pass the funds vetting process with our EB5 Lawyer. After you made the payment, we will connect you with our EB5 Lawyer, who will ask you some confidential questions. When you pass that funds vetting process, then, the bank will release the money. If you don't pass it, your money will be refund. 



We will use part of the money to pay the Lawyer to create your new company here in the United States, write the articles of incorporation etc.  It's a type of joint venture between your new company that you own and My Dental Wig (my company). Because you are not yet in USA, you will provide me with full power to manage your company, while you are working with the U.S A Embassy in your country, to obtain your visa to come and live here in USA with your family.  I will also use part of the money to pay the EB5 Lawyer who already started preparing your documents to file your I-526 form, which is your first application to be filed with the USCIS. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks for our EB5 Lawyer to get everything ready to be submitted to the USCIS. Remember that all documents including birth certificates, marriage certificate, your last tax-return etc., must be translated in proper English by a Certified English translator. I already explained in one of my past videos, where to find those certified English translators in your country. 



In the meantime, with the articles of incorporation in hands, I will open a business bank account here in Los Angeles for your company, on your behalf, in which the funds will be transferred. Then our EB5 Lawyer when ready, will file your application and pay the filing fees to the USCIS on your behalf with part of the money you buy your turnkey standalone EB5 visa investment. When your I-526 is filed with the USCIS by our EB5 Lawyer, The USCIS will receive the document and will notify the Lawyer of the reception of your I-526 form. The date of notification is the official starting date of your Standalone EB5 investment project. Then, we have full access to the money under the scrutiny watch of the USCIS. I will start building your company by hiring especially people to become your Dental Wig Technologist, who will be trained and will be working for you. We think that between 6 to 12 weeks, you will get your EB5 visas with you, your spouse and all your children under 21 years to come and live in USA. The 10 full time jobs, created will allow you to get your green card at the end of the process that lasts between 20 to 30 months, depending upon your country of citizenship. Then, together, we will run your company (actually, I will assist you). Again, your purchase of one turnkey standalone EB5, comes with 4 licensing of My Dental Wig. Your $1,000,000 allowed you to acquire 4 companies right away. You are not wasting your money. You are investing to own companies and create good jobs in America. Can you imagine, owning dental business in USA, without a dental degree. It's HUGE! The dental industry is a profitable field. We will hire people within different needed position and fulfill the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS, and you are on the path of living the American Dream and path to get your USA green card. Isn't it wonderful? Believe me, it's fantastic. 



That's all for today. Go ahead right away at buy your turnkey standalone EB5 visa investment. When? Right now! Why? Because you are keeping over $800,000 dollars USD in your bank account. Don't give that money to the USCIS! After November 20, 2019, $1,000,000 dollars USD won't be enough anymore. You will have to spend $1,800,000 dollars USD! This is why, I am here to really help you to save $800,000 dollars USD like this. So, start your process as soon as possible. Don't wait. Don't try to think 10 times. You are wasting time, and time is money!



If you have your clean $1,000,000 dollars USD, go to right now and buy your turnkey standalone EB5 visa investment.



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Thanks again, I am Lydie Livolsi, broadcasting directly from Los Angeles California. 



Bye now



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