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Who's The Primarily Buyer Of The Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment Available At



I am Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO of M Dental Wig, broadcasting directly from Los Angeles, California. Today is September 11, 2019. Before I start my speech, I want to pay tribute to all those people and their families who lost their beloved ones on September 11 tragedy. Let’s really pray and hope that, this doesn’t happen anymore. One time was enough. We must continue to pray for them to rest in peace, and also create peace here in USA, and peace in the world.

So, today, 70 days left before November 21, 2019, date where the amount of $1 million dollars USF required by the USA government to apply for the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment will jump to $1,800,000 dollars USD. The biggest questions now are (i) “who are our target customers”, when we know that UK has a similar visa investment program, and the amount of money requested is $2.5 million USD. (2i) Why people should apply for moving to USA instead of UK?

Our primarily customers are foreign investors who want to invest solo from around the world, including Europeans, not as a group of investors. Standalone EB5 Visa Investment is also known as “Direct Investment Projects”. It’s about one investor for one project basis. You the investor and me, Lydie Livolsi. There is no intermediary between us. This is the reason why, I am here almost every day, sharing these little tips to better understand the EB5 visa Process and ease your path. So, you get to know who I am. And I get to know who you are. I am the person you are going to be doing business with for the next couple of years. Standalone EB5 is the most transparent Visa process in USA, because it works on the principle of 1 investor for 1 project. So, there is no way for us to try to hire something.

European Union (EU) has what is called Schengen visa that allows travelling within the Schengen area without visa. It’s obvious that at this moment of history, there is no European willing to pay $2.5 Million USD for UK visa.

Eb5 Visa investment “brokers” are going to fly oversea trying to gather multiple foreign investors into a room and sell them one big project. There are many downsides here:

  • Those “Eb5 “brokers” are outside the USA, so, they can tell any lies about the legal EB5 Visa to potential foreign investors.
  • You as a foreign investor is going to be investing into a big project with other investors that you don’t even know. Where their money is coming from? Etc.
  • The main downside: If the combined investors do not fulfill the 10 times of the number of investors in full time jobs in USA, you are screwed: you won’t get your USA green card. It’s VERY hard to fulfill those 10 full time jobs. Regional Centers tried to show indirect jobs to the USCIS as proof, but even then, it’s still very hard to create the required jobs.
  • Regional Centers charge various fees. At the end, it costs a lot more that the USCIS investment amount required. Because on top of the investment into a USA project, Regional Centers have high operating expenses.
  • Longer waiting time to get the USA green card (for example 16 years for Chinese, 5 years for Indian, 4 years for Vietnamese, 4 years for South Korean, and 3 years for Brazilian. (source)


If your primarily objective is owning real estate in USA, then go with EB5 visa investment through Regional Center. The risk is very high.


If your primarily goal is the USA green card, then go with EB5 Standalone visa investment project which is available at: because it’s the easiest,  fastest and most preferred USCIS EB5 Visa  process.   We guarantee, we will deliver the 10 full time jobs required in America.  Currently $1 Million USD required is really affordable compared to $2,500,000 USD required by the United Kingdom, or $10 Million USD in direct investment, plus minimum $4 Million USD donation to Austrian charity, and the approval of ministries without guarantee of Austrian citizenship etc.


With our turnkey standalone EB5 Visa investment offer available at, as Lawyer and Financial Advisor David Lesperance wrote that our turnkey standalone EB5 visa investment “solves the issues of control over and return on investment”.  It’s a direct investment project, therefore, you the investor have full control over your money. Because you fully control your money, you are most likely to manage it for the highest ROI possible. Our business is online, on a USA based transparent and credible website, just few miles away from Google, Washington etc. I am the Founder and I share with the world of tips. We have Chrystal Green, a Certified California EB5 Licensed Lawyer. All information we provide is crystal clear, transparent, precis, honest and congruent. No false statement. No lies. With all this, depending upon your country of citizenship, the process will last between 18 to 30 months. There are countries that did not reach their yearly maximum of authorized EB5 visa investment. Don’t wait. Act now before it’s too late.


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