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Why I don't Employ a Translator in my Business?


Companies who conduct business with clients and prospective clients who primarily speak in a language other than their own, may consider employing full-time translation services. Although this may seem like a service that clients would like to have available to them, it may, in fact, not be. Many of my own clients prefer instead to work with their own interpreter/translator who is not employed by me.

My Personal Experience

As a French-speaker myself, I have found that my preference is to hire my own translators when required or to enlist the services of others who are fluent in my language. My doctor, my lawyer, my accountant and my assistant are all French-speaking. In fact, they are my interpreters. They know where I'm coming from and what could be my primarily assumptions. In instances where I'm unable to work with a service provider who speaks French, I always choose to work with my own translators as opposed to those provided by companies I conduct business with.

The Negative Impact of In-House Translation Services

My reason for choosing my own translators is simple: trust. In my experience, I have found that translators who are employed by a business will always work in their employer's best interests. This leaves clients - myself included - wondering if they are truly able to trust what the translator is conveying to them. This creates a feeling of discomfort and if a client doesn't trust the translator it often will result in the client choosing to shop somewhere else for the product or service provided.

Laying A Foundation of Trust

As opposed to providing my clients with translation services, I kindly suggest to prospective clients and clients that are unable to understand my language that they hire their own translator. If requested, I will provide them with referrals to local translators, but ultimately, it should be up to the client to decide who they trust. I highly suggest to other business owners who may conduct business in multiple languages that they take this same route. Providing the client with the opportunity to choose a translator whom they can trust creates trust between the business and client as well, which can only result in a long-term business relationship and in turn, a thriving business.

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