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Why My Dental Wig Is The #1 “Direct Investment Projects” Host In USA?

EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program is a USA Visa program which is currently being scrutinized by the USA Government. According to this, if any foreign investor invests 1 million dollars USD in any USA company and fulfills 10 full-time jobs in USA, he or she can live in USA with his or her spouse and their children aged less than 21 years. Well, the process takes minimum 18 to 24 months to complete and it also depends upon the citizenship of the foreign investor.  The good thing is that during this processing time, you can manage your company and your spouse will be given permission to work. Along with this, your children will get free education in USA public school.

According to the official page of USCIS EB5 Visa Investment, they are modifying or making some changes in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and these will be applicable starting in Nov.21, 2019. So, as a foreign investor, you should keep this modernization of the EB-5 program in mind:

  • Due to inflation, the required minimum investment amount will be increased.
  • They will reform certain TEA (Targeted Employment Area) designations.
  • The USCIS procedures for the withdrawal of conditions on permanent residence will be clarified.
  • Some other conforming, as well as technical revisions, will be made.

How to Apply?

In order to apply for this visa, you must need a USA EB-5 Licensed Lawyer. In other words, you cannot apply this by yourself or through any website. There are two ways through which the lawyer can apply: EB-5 through a Regional Centre and EB-5 through a Standalone EB-5 Immigrant Investor also known as “Direct Investment Projects”.

  • EB-5 through A Regional Centre (RC): If you belong to a group of investors who want to apply for this visa, you should follow this method. Here, all the investors apply together for a single project and each investor must create 10 full-time jobs in USA. The RC is responsible to manage the funds and is the intermediary between foreign investors and the USCIS.
  • The amount required is either $500,000 USD per investor and the 10 full time jobs must be created within TEA).
  • $1,000,000 USD per investor. Here the investors are free to go everywhere within the 50 States.
  • Standalone EB-5 Immigrant Investor also known as “Direct Investment Project”: This method lets individual foreign investor apply for this visa program as a single investor. Well, this is a very transparent, easy, fast and convenient way to apply for the U.S investment visa program as here, you do not have to look for other investors to associate with. Your only requirement by the USCIS, is to create 10 full-time jobs in USA. Same as with the RC, the amount required can be either $500,000 USD or $1,000,000 YSD.

So, if you want to apply as a single investor, you are in the right place as here we will know in detail about My Dental Wig which is no.1 standalone EB5 visa investment host in the USA. However, before talking further about their standalone EB5 visa offer, you should know certain things about this wonderful company.

My Dental Wig is a Systematized Business

My Dental Wig (DBA: Doing Business As) is a Los Angeles County based company that manufactures and sell directly to consumers its dental implant and dental bridge alternative product called My Dental Wig that snaps into the empty space and replace the teeth missing. The company manages to build a business system/process which includes the initial product My Dental Wig sold directly to consumers, the Licensing/franchise sold to potential franchisees, the sale of the EB-5 Investment Visa to foreign investors where they are interconnected and work together with the goal to consistently deliver the highest benefits for consumers. Its business system earned it the endorsements of Dr. Kirsten Roling, USA Dentist, graduated from the University of San Francisco who said “My Dental Wig is the new disruptor of the dental industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)” a Canadian Immigration Lawyer who said the its “Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa investment offer available at solves the issues regarding control over and return of investment”.


Many EB-5 Offers Are from "Middle-man": There is no middle man between you the investor and us.

My Dental Wig is a pioneer in the dental manufacturing industry, and they make false teeth for those who need dental alternatives to bridges and at the same time for those who need dental implants. According to Forbes, in 2017, Dental Industry got 6th rank among the top 10 most profitable industries in the USA. As a matter of fact, this product has a very high demand and thus it becomes the perfect product for EB5 immigrant investment. 

Looking for a project in which to invest, especially here in the USA can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. My Dental Wig is #1 Turnkey Standalone EB-5 host because, we have the full project, so you don't have to search and find a project to invest in. 

My Dental Wig Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa Guarantees to Fulfill The 10 Full Time Jobs Required by the USCIS

My Dental Wig offers Turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa Investment which is very transparent and most preferred visa form for foreign investors. This is applicable for single investors who want to invest in a single project and My Dental Wig will help you to fulfill the 10 full-time jobs required by USCIS. Along with these the other benefits that you will get are mentioned below:

  • Control over your money which leads to secure
  • The Return Of your Investment (ROI)
  • Access to experienced multi-lingual USA Lawyers and CPA.
  • Complete access into the U.S with your family.
  • Grow your business within all 50 States that will help you to create more wealth.
  • Opportunity for your children and your descents to access great USA Universities (among the 10 best universities in the world, 7 are in the USA). Following link:
  • Quick learning from My Dental Wig Founder Lydie Livolsi experience, who came to USA as a French Investor.


 Make sure that your money is completely clean


 You need the following documents translated in English:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Last tax-return

Your investment includes:

  • $1 million dollars USD in My Dental Wig Company before November 20, 2019 and you can save up to $800,000 USD.
  • $50,000 dollars USD for completing all the legal processes.
  • $16 Bank of America International wire transfer fees.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit My Dental Wig and start your EB-5 Visa process today.



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