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Why “My Dental Wig” Should Be Your Next Real Estate Investment


Published: July 24, 2019 10:22 a.m. ET

Jul 24, 2019 (Investing Alerts) -- There are few investment opportunities with more potential thaninvesting in real estate. That’s why real estate is recommended by so many investment experts. Not only is it a great way to diversify your portfolio, but it can also be a source of consistent, passive, and stable income. These benefits — and others — are well-known in the investment world.

On the other hand, this also means that the potential profit margin in many real estate opportunities is reduced. This is largely due to the fact that investor demand for real estate opportunities drives up the price of those opportunities. However, for a savvy investor, there are many incredibly lucrative real estate opportunities available — if you know where to look.

My Dental Wig is a revolutionary concept that is taking the real estate industry by storm. The primary differentiator with My Dental Wig is the innovative combination of a high-demand service and real estate investing. The result is the potential to make a significant amount of money on an ongoing basis.

Did you know that there are currently more than 178 million people in America who are missing one or more teeth? While implants are one method of treatment, the cost per tooth is about $5,000. This is beyond the budget for many hardworking men and women.

Because there is such a high premium on a healthy-looking smile in America, millions of people who are missing teeth represent a huge and untapped market. My Dental Wig offers a licensing opportunity for false teeth that will allow millions of people to enjoy the happiness that a confident smile can bring.


How Does My Dental Wig Investment Model Work?

My Dental Wig allows you to easily invest in the dental industry — which Forbes magazine named as number six out of the 10 most profitable industries in the United States.

As an investor, you have ownership of a business that provides Americans who are currently missing one or more teeth with the convenience and affordability of custom-made dentures and bridges.

Investors also own part of the dental factory and the dental offices, generating profits from both. My Dental Wig’s proprietary system makes getting leads easy. Appointments are set using the website before our specially-trained and thoroughly background checked Dental Wig Technologist makes a home visit. The purpose of this convenient home visit is so the mold can be obtained and the product designed.

The amazing Buy Once, Smile Forever subscription plans make the entire process more cost-effective for consumers when compared to dental saving plans and dental insurance. For a low monthly fee, subscribers can have their false teeth replaced every three years with no further expense.

This innovative and visionary investment has the potential to net you a profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars each month — or even more. The earning potential of this investment is truly limited only by your imagination.

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