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Why Loss Of Teeth Affects Self Esteem and Lowers Daily Performances?


Losing a tooth when you were a child was not a big deal because it would always be replaced with a new one. Another tooth would grow very fast, even before we realized it was not there. Losing a tooth when you are an adult is a whole different case since it may never be replaced with another one, and even if it will, it can be a relatively low process than in a younger individual. Apart from being unable to chew food comfortably, other challenges come as a result of tooth loss. These include covering your mouth with your hand whenever you smile, looking older for your age etc. and all negatively impacts your self-esteem.


Why toothless people look old

One of the main effects of losing even one tooth is the fact that it makes you look older than you are. It’s even worst when you lost many teeth.


Sunk and shrinking jaws

Teeth are said to be supported by a type of bone known as alveolar bone, one that is responsible for giving our jaws and cheekbones their shape. When the jaws and cheeks are properly supported, facial muscles remain stronger and do not sag because they are tightly held in place. But upon losing a tooth, for example, premolar or molar, the alveolar bone is reduced in width by about 25% in the first year, and about 4mm decrease in height thereafter. The result of this is that your cheeks will sin inwards and shrink upwards. 

Because the facial muscles are not supported, they will loosen and wrinkle, hence making you look older than you may be. This can be corrected by painless missing teeth replacement like the elegant, affordable, eco-friendly, long lasting dental implant alternative called Dental Wig, or ordinary dentures or with painful and expensive solutions of dental implants.  They are all false teeth and act like real teeth and help strengthen the facial muscles and you look younger again.


Change in voice

The teeth, supported by the alveolar bone, the cheekbones, and the jaws, are also responsible for our speech. For example, different words have their specific type of teeth that help in pronouncing them, hence the voice in general. This is the main reason younger people have a different pronunciation from that of older ones. For example, if you lost the front teeth, pronouncing letter s like ‘S’ would change to something funny.

 In that case, it is not only the pronunciation that would change, but it is also the voice. This explains the difference in voice between younger and older people. The purpose of all missing teeth replacement solutions is to play the role of real lost teeth hence you regain your initial pronunciation of words and ultimately your voice comes back.


Difficulty in chewing

Apart from giving us a great smile and good impression, one of the teeth have the primary purposes is to aid in digestion of food by breaking food chunks into smaller particles in the mouth. These particles are further directed down the alimentary canal, where they are easily absorbed. Upon loss of teeth, you will experience difficulty in chewing food where you will keep rolling food in your mouth for long, like an older person. When food is not broken into smaller pieces enough, you will experience indigestion hence a stomach upset. Thanks to the inventions in dental health, this can be corrected by the Dental Wig that will work just like real teeth and you will no longer have problems chewing.


Weird-looking mouth

We all associate toothless mouths with older people since it is normal for older persons to lose one or few teeth. But teeth loss in a younger person is always considered abnormal and if people happen to see a younger toothless person, they consider it weird or funny. Take for example if a younger person losing one or few front teeth, the lips appear thinner and saggy while the toothless mouth appears weird and funny, more than that of an older person. Survey said that people with a weird looking mouth, looks like crook, not reliable, dishonest, and poor.


Effects of tooth loss on self-esteem

Teeth loss does not only affect your looks, but it also affects your psychology and ultimately your self-esteem since you no longer view yourself as worthy. You start looking at yourself like you are not good looking enough to be accepted by other people. For this reason, you will have difficulty in socializing with loved ones, friends and family. You may have issues with a loved one since they may change how they see you or you may also think that they will not accept you without a tooth.

This will even extend to workplaces since you will be shy of smiling and speaking with people so that they do not get to see your bare teeth gaps. You may be tempted to think people are laughing at you when you see them do so and this may make you dislike them for no reason. An in case you can speak with workmates, you will always be conscious of how you laugh or speak and you may also cover your mouth by your hand when doing so. All these will make your life very hard and will ultimately make you feel less worthy, poor, which leads to heavy loss of your self- confidence. Among the consequences of loss of your self- esteem are that speak without raising your voice, which lowers your overall performances in life (work, chewing, libido etc...)



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