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Why You Should Buy My Dental Wig $1 Million USD Turnkey Standalone Visa Investment Instead Of The $2.5 Million USD Similar Visa Investment For UK?

 People often leave their country for another country for several reasons including, education, refugee, join family members, better living standards, better business opportunities etc. It appears that to immigrate to a new country always has a financial cost whatever the migratory motives.

The end of the 20th century saw the birth of a new form of migration aimed only at wealthy individual or group of foreign investors. The latter are thus offered a permanent resident card to them and their families, in exchange for their heavy financial investment. The investment can be direct in a local business, also known as direct investment projects or be done through specialized centers that will welcome and help foreign investors to better transitioning into the new country.

These types of migrations are often called EB-5 Visa investment program in USA or Golden Visa in other countries. This is why We at #MyDentalWig offer a Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment.


What is Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment?



Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment is a secure and highly effective investment scheme offered by My Dental Wig. My dental wig is a Los Angeles based company that hosts EB-5 international investors who are looking for USA Green card. Licensing/Franchise opportunity is included in our EB-5 Visa offer. Our process is transparent, so investors don’t face control over and return on investment problems. Our Management and legal advisors are always there to serve their customers.

Spending $1 million USD is better than spending $2.5 Million USD isn’t it?

In general, it’s almost always better to spend less, so we can save more. Let’s compare the 2 countries.

United Kingdom:


The United Kingdom has 66+ million people. Its total area of 94,525 square miles (244,820 square kilometers is shared by 4 territories. Uk has a total of approximately 130 universities


Its economy is prosperous. After Germany, the UK is the leading trading power and financial center in Europe. In the past few years, the UK government has reduced public ownership and contained the growth of SWP (Social Welfare Program). After 2005, poor consumer expenditure and passive business investment assessed on the economy. GDP down up to 0.1%, and the budget deficit remained high at 7.7% of Gross Domestic Product. Public debt continued to increase day by day.

The UK is not a member of the Schengen visa, which means non-British citizens/residents golden visa investor’s family member in visit in UK, need visa to travel in Europe. However, the UK resident/citizen investor and family will travel without visa in the Schengen area as follow:

Austria- Belgium – the Czech Republic – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Iceland – Italy – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta - the Netherlands – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden and Switzerland.


United States of America:

The USA counts 327+ million people. Its total area of 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers) with over 4,000 universities

The United States is the largest and most powerful economy in technology all over the world. The USA is a market-oriented state and most of the decisions are taken by private individuals and firms. In 2019, the inflation rate in the USA is 1.7% whereas the inflation rate in UK is 2.1%.

UK Economy VS USA Economy


United Kingdom


United State Of America


Budget Revenue

$986.10 Billion

$2.45 Trillion


$2,828,640 Million

$20,580,200 Million




Inflation Rate



Unemployment Rate



Technology Index




Turnkey standalone EB-5


EB-5 Stands for Employment-based fifth. It is a visa program created by Congress in 1990. In this program, the USA Government provides an opportunity for foreign companies/ investors to become a permanent and lawful residence of the USA by investing $500,000 to $1 Million. USA Government increases the standard minimum rate from $1Million to $ 1.8 Million (by November 21, 2019). USA government will grant any foreign investor, his/her spouse and all their children under 21 years with the visa to come and live in the USA, and the fulfillment of 10 full-time jobs in the USA But the process and investment tracking have become a big hurdle for investors. My Dental Wig solves this problem and providing a great turnkey standalone visa investment services.

About our Turnkey Standalone Visa Investment Scheme

My dental wig offers its customers the opportunity to invest their money in a more reliable and highest-earning Economy (US).  By purchasing our $1 million turnkey standalone visa you will free from all the stress of other procedures.  We will do all the process for you, including

  • Purchasing Licensing
  • Paying legal, administration fees
  • All the other processes (we will discuss with you after your purchases)

Benefits of Investing in USA instead of UK


Although there is a huge list of benefits that United States investors are enjoying we mention a few here.

·         Affordability

The minimum amount for getting eligible for USA turnkey Standalone visa Investment is $1 Million whereas the Minimum amount for the same UK visa is $2.5 Million.

·         Solving control over and Return of investment Issues:
USA standalone visa solves all the issues regarding control over and returns on your investment due to its secure and strict rules, terms and conditions.


  • Growth Rate:
    The USA is a continent and have great chances of growth and its per capita income is high whereas UK is an Island, and has low per capita income than the USA, as well as growth chances, are also limited.


  •  Tracking Record:
        USA EB-5 has a tracking record since 1990. It has 100 percent investment security due to its transparent processes.
  • Green Card:
    By investing just $1 million in the USA economy you will get lawful rights of USA residence. The UK does not provide such opportunity.







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