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Featured in LinkedIn: How very important it is to replace your lost teeth

Article published by Rimone Milne on LinkedIn

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How very important it is to replace your lost teeth

Rimon Milne

Rimon Milne

Before we start talking about the importance of replacing teeth, let's address the most common question first: what exactly is a dental implant? A dental implant is a tiny but extremely strong titanium alloy screw, which is used when surgically replacing damaged or missing natural teeth. It is drilled in the jaw so that the screw can be fixed firmly to the artificial teeth or any other dental prosthesis to the jaw.

In addition to its use in the replacement of broken or missing teeth, implants can also be used to provide support for loose or removable dentures. Now that you know what a dental implant is, let's look at why it is important to replace lost or False Teeth in the first place.

The appearance

As shallow as it may sound for someone who has all their teeth, even a single missing tooth can cause a lot of emotional stress in us. In varying degrees, we are all concerned about our appearance, and it affects our confidence as well.

Losing your perfect smile due to a missing tooth or two can cause depression and loss of confidence, which in turn can affect your work and personal life. It has been proven that dental implants are often effective in boosting the patient's morale and confidence in general. Since there is no externally visible difference between a replaced tooth and a natural tooth after the procedure, it actually positively affects the physical appearance.

Oral health

As soon as a tooth is lost, the balance in all its dental structure is disturbed. The gap created allows the remaining teeth (especially those closest to the gap) to tilt and shift as a result of regular chewing.

This could lead to other long-term oral problems, especially if the distorted structure of the teeth interferes with the patient's chewing skills. It is not uncommon to see someone lose several teeth over the years as a result of this.

The comfort

If you have all your teeth intact, then you probably have no idea how it feels when a particularly hard piece of food enters the exposed root of lost molars.

Let's say it's not a very comfortable experience and once it continues to happen almost every time you try to eat, it's not uncommon to see people give up meat and other common food sources to relieve themselves of continued pain and discomfort. Somehow, losing your ability to chew food properly can prevent you from enjoying a very large part of your life.

Dental prostheses with the proper dental implant to support them can drastically change the life of someone who has missing teeth. However, it is important that the procedure is carried out by a professional and experienced dental clinic. A lot depends on the skill of the dentist or dentists involved and it is a complex surgical procedure; so the best thing is not to take risks with him. The good news is that dental implants have a success rate of more than 95%.

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