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Pinceau Pen Teeth Whitening: Gel Pen 35% Carbamide Peroxide.

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Our 35% peroxyde carbamide Pinceau PenTeeth whitening gel with its efficient teeth whitening results is affordable, easy use, very small, can be carried out in your purse with your lipstick. It can be also use to fill out your mouth trays of your teeth whitening led as well, making not necessary to purchase additional teeth whitening gel. For you men, just have it in your jean's pocket, your shirt, jacket's pocket etc..

How it works: 

Very simple: While looking in your mirror:

1- Twist the bottom part of your Pinceau Pen gel, until you see the clear gel on the brush of your Pinceau Pen.

2- Open your mouth and smile big

3- Apply your Pinceau Pen Teeth whitening gel on your teeth. Start from the teeth most ahead, to your back teeth on your upper jaw.

4- Keep your mouth opened with a big smile. Apply the gel on your teeth on your lower jaw, from the front to the back teeth. OR apply your Teeth Whitening led

5- Make sure the gel does not get in contact with your lips or your gum.

6- Count 1 to 60. 

7- Rince your mouth with water. Enjoy your Smile!

Repeat as much as you feel the need. (However, 2 to 3 times per day is okay).


Do not eat during the next hour.

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