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Turnkey Standalone (Direct Investment Projects) USA EB-5 Investor Visa Fulfillment of 10 Full Time Jobs

Turnkey Standalone (Direct Investment Projects) USA EB-5 Investor Visa Fulfillment of 10 Full Time Jobs

Regular price $ 14,000,000.00 $ 1,850,016.00 Sale

To buyer: You cannot buy your EB5 directly here on this website. When you are ready to buy (place or order), scroll down and follow our buying instructions and send us a WhatsApp message at: +1 562 279 5770     Thanks

We are not EB-5  consulting company, therefore, we don't charge for consulting fees. We don't offer real estate. We are a U.S manufacturing company that will create and maintain on your behalf, the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS, in order for you and your family to get the U.S green card. We manufacture the Dental Wig that replaces lost teeth including dentures, and smile care products like toothbrush, tooth paste, mouth wash, teeth whitening products etc. We have an experienced EB-5 Lawyer.  All of these allow us to handle your EB-5 project from A to Z. 

Executive Orders do not prevent you to start your EB5 Investor Visa process. 


This is a huge business opportunity for investor seeking an investment opportunity that would allow you and your family, to gain residency in the United States. Our high tech concept is disruptive dental technology in very high demand.

We are a U.S manufacturing company. We manufacture the Dental Wig that replaces lost teeth including dentures, and smile care products like toothbrush, teeth whitening products etc. 

The following is an endorsement from a Canadian Lawyer:

P.S: "control over" means "surveillance". It does not mean that you (the investor), can pull the money and invest it wherever you want. You (the investor) will see what we have been using your investment money for.

Dr Kirsten Roling USA dentist wrote the following about My Dental Wig:

So, invest with confidence. 

WE GUARANTEE: Fulfillment of the 10 full-time manufacturing jobs in USA required by the USCIS in 18 months which is the KEY for your Green Card.

The payment of this amount MUST be committed. A promissory note will cause the whole petition to be denied. PLEASE, don't waste time, make sure your money is clean.

Make your payment (buying instructions):

Using our Bank Of America account information below.

BUYER: Sponsor your family or any foreign family you want with 1 click. 

To pay, print the following wire transfer information and go to your bank:

         Quantity: 1 family                 Total amount: 1 x $1,850,016.00 USD

(i)-  Buyer is outside USA: Secured Foreign Currency Wire Transfer: Name of the bank: Bank Of America.     SWIFT Code: BOFAUS6S   

                                           Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie  T  Livolsi

(ii)- Buyer is in USA but the sponsored family is outside USA: Secured Domestic Wire Transfer:  Name of the bank: Bank Of America:

                                           SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N             

                                            Routing # 026009593

                                            Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie  T  Livolsi

- Buyer must pass the Funds Vetting Process:

After you buy your Turnkey Standalone Visa Investment here on this website, it takes 3 weeks to our EB-5 Lawyer to get you pass the funds vetting process, prepare ALL your documents, and file your I-526 form with the USCIS. 

- All buyer's information will be used for Funds Vetting Process.

- Buyer from around the world can purchase this Turnkey Standalone EB-5 green card to sponsor a foreign family members, mistress,  hidden child etc. currently anywhere in the world. Helping them getting the USA green card is definitely an unforgettable gift.

-  Your money can come from a Personal loan, not a business loan!

- Legal warning: "Investment in  smaller companies can involve greater risk than is generally associated with investment in larger, more established companies that can result in significant capital loss that may have a detrimental effect on the value of the fund.“

Your Peace of mind Purchase includes: 

- Guaranty 10 full-time jobs in USA in 18 months

-  $1,800,000 USD investment required by the USCIS in My Dental Wig company which will be used as follow:

(i)  buy 4 MyDentalWig Partners :  Your 10 full-time jobs required by the USCIS to get your green card are automatically created right away. (4 x $250,000 dollars USD. Each licensing zone covers zip codes up to 100,000 people. There will be 200 miles between the periphery of each zone: no contiguous Licensing zone). We will help you hire a USA Manager for the 4 locations, so no worry! Just invest and let us work for you.

(ii) $600,000 will be used to cover the salaries of the 10 full time USA jobs required

(iii) $200,000,000 Operation Cost

- $50,000 USD to pay for filing fees, all legal, administrative fees 

- $16 USD Bank Of America wire transfer fee

 No sales tax.

Do you need the USA visa for you, your spouse and all your children under 21 years, through the fastest and easiest mean?

You need our Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Investment (also known as "Direct Investment Projects) host company based in USA and have a USA Licensed EB-5 Lawyer to file your first application i-526 with the USCIS before November 21, 2019

 My Dental Wig company is the #1 Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment Host in USA.  "It solves the issues of control over and the return of the investment" which means because of our transparent process,  you, the foreign investor has the control over your money that will lead to the return of your investment. 

The USA has a visa program called EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (also called "Direct Investment Projects) under the scrutiny of the USA government, that will grant any foreign investor, his/her spouse and all their children under 21 years with the visa to come and live in USA in exchange of your investment of  $1,800,000 USD in a company in USA, and the fulfillment of 10 full time jobs in USA. The process lasts between 18 to 24 months, depending upon your country of citizenship. During that period of 18 – 24 months, you, the applicant will be managing your company, your spouse will be granted with a work permit and your children attending public schools in USA for free.

This type of visa to the USA must be filed by a USA EB-5 Licensed Lawyer. Which means that, you cannot apply directly alone or through anyone else, or any website. ONLY a USA EB-5 Licensed Lawyer can do that for you. Your Lawyer can file for you in 2 different ways: through an EB-5 Regional Center of through a Standalone Eb-5 process.

Filing your EB-5 through a Regional Center means that, you must belong to a group of investors who apply together for 1 project in which each investor must create the 10 full time jobs in USA required by the USA government.

Filing your EB-5 through a Standalone EB-5 Immigrant Investor, means that you must apply as a single investor and will fulfil the 10 full times jobs required.

When you compare the EB-5 through a Regional Center with the Standalone EB-5, you find out that the Standalone EB-5 is the best way, because you don’t have to find other investors, agree with the project etc., and it’s easy, fast and transparent. At the end of the day, you must create the 10 full time jobs in USA. Why bother and waste your time, your energy with other investors, which makes the EB-5 visa through a Regional Center process, too complicated, too long, and with lack of transparency!

Dr Kirsten Roling DDS (a USA dentist) described our business as “The next major disruptor to the dental industry (Think Smile Direct Club).  We at My Dental Wig understand that. We are in the business of manufacturing false teeth including a turnkey franchise business model and controlling the entire chain from the factory to the consumer. Therefore, we at offer a Turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Opportunity.

Because it’s transparent, Standalone EB-5 Visa is the most preferred USCIS visa form for foreign investors.

It works on the 1 foreign investor for 1 project principle - we will fulfill the 10 full time USA Jobs required by the USCIS.

Invest with us, we take care of everything,you get peace of mind that includes:

       - Full access to our multi-languages USA Lawyers & CPA

        -Full access into the U.S with your spouse and your children under 21 years.

  • Fulfillment of the 10 full time Jobs in USA Required by the USCIS guaranteed.

Make sure your Money is clean!

- No money laundering

- No money from drug trafficking, crimes and corruption etc.

- You must be able to show where your money is coming from

- Your money can come from a Personal loan. Not from a Business loan.

Have ALL documents translated in English, including the following:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates
  • Last tax-return

All you need to do is HURRY UP!

Your Purchase includes:

-  $1,800,000 USD required in My Dental Wig company 

-$50,000 USD to pay for filing fees, all legal, administrative fees and you are good to go.

- $16 Bank of America transaction fee.

Don’t worry about details, our certified multi-languages legal team that speaks

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Deutsche
  • French
  • English and more

Will guide you and do the due diligence for you.

So, confidently invest with us today. Our Standalone EB-5 offer is under the scrutiny of the USCIS, to make sure that we are spending your money as parsimoniously as possible. 

HURRY UP, DON’ WAIT. Your success awaits!

Start your EB-5 Visa process today

For more information message us using  Viber or WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770

Link to Executive Order:


I am Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO of I came to USA with my family as a French investor. I know what the challenges are for a first-generation immigrant in this fantastic business country called USA. I also know how to use them and build a successful life story.Trust me.

With my team, warm welcome to you and your beloved EB-5 Visa Investor family in America!


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