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My Dental Wig is patented and FDA registered, easy process, no pain technology, making My Dental Wig the #1 and only full mobile missing teeth replacement solution available in the world.

Dental Wig is premium quality, metal and pain free missing teeth solution that does not require  visit to the Dentist and dental insurance.

We have over 25 years of experience in dental industry.  Dental Wig is the first and only missing teeth replacement solution delivered from people's home available in the world.

Successful businesses grow out of significant problems! According to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are 178 million adults in the USA with at least one missing tooth. The dental industry represented $106.7 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $160 billion in 2030. The dental implant and prosthetic market in the USA is projected to reach $12.3 billion by 2021!

Research shows that the population in the USA missing all teeth from 2014 – 2020 will go from 17 million adults to over 22 million in 2020. These are our clients, the need is extreme.

With a price of $1,500.00 for one jaw, and $3,000.00 for two jaws, the opportunity for My Dental Wig is huge!

While the money case for you is compelling, what's even more compelling is that our partners daily change the lives of their customers - just check out some of our referrals click here

Finally, a business that can allow you to build significance, help others save money, achieve a high income, AND give you full control over your schedule so that you can have the work / life balance you desire!

As a My Dental Wig Partner, you become the protected single source for your territory, with access to our large and growing pool of prospects and clients, driven by our social media marketing team. Earn up to 5x the industry standard! Your partnership includes equipment, training and all marketing initiatives. Your gross profit per sale is 50%!

The dental field is no longer a fragmented industry. We are proud to be the industry leader! We have over 34,000 likes today on our Facebook page and we reach over 100,000 people each week. The need is tremendous! We talk to Americans across our great nation every single day and it's clear that they want an affordable dental option! They want the Dental Wig!

My Dental Wig is FDA approved and fully Patented! Our Patent and processes allow us to replace missing teeth directly from the client's home. We go to them, take a mold and create the dental wig quickly and conveniently. For your added security, GPS check-in and check-out technology, integrated to our app, allows us to know where you are, and that you've arrived and left your client, keeping you safe!

Don't wait, act now! Territories are moving quickly as we open them up. We have high demand in multiple zip codes nationwide. You can get started for as little as $5,000.00 down!

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David Simpson - Sales

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