MY DENTAL WIG - Easy, Affordable, Pain-Free Solution For Missing Teeth - Home Delivery!

Buy once. Smile for ever Pre-paid Payment Plan.

 As you age, losing teeth is common. Taking action to have the best healthy smile possible can go far beyond just buying dental insurance. Instead, you can get ready for the future now by signing up for our "Buy Once. Smile for Ever" plans. Each plan allows you to make affordable monthly payments now so that you can have your new Dental Wig after 3 years.

Don't let missing teeth keep you from smiling. A dental wig is a pain-free way to replace your missing teeth, giving you a healthy natural-looking, radiant smile.

You're probably thinking, "that sounds great, but what about the cost?" We have you covered there too. We care about our clients, and believe your smile matters. That's why we created our Buy Once, Smile Forever payment plan.

The concept is simple: just choose the plan that fits your needs, and make monthly payments to cover the cost of your dental wig. The best part is, the cost of our plans doesn't change during the 3 years regardless of how many teeth you're missing 

Plans 1 and 2 cost $60 per month. Choose plan #1 if you're missing teeth from your upper jaw and plan #2 if you're missing teeth from your lower jaw.

Plan 3 costs $110 per month, and is for those who have missing teeth from both the upper and lower jawbones.

With our Buy Once, Smile Forever payment plan, you'll never have to worry about having a lackluster smile. As long as you continue making your monthly payments, we automatically make you a new dental wig every three years. If you want your new Dental Wig sooner, simply pay off the outstanding balance on your current plan.