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EB5 VISA International Transfer Account Information

  Are you ready to start your American Dream?

We offer EB5 as a loan

Quick reminder: 

If your primarily objective is the US green card or to come to the United States, we are your best option. 

If your primarily objective is to own real estate in the USA, we are NOT your option. We do not offer USA visa associated with real estate.

 ATTENTION: After your payment/deposit/transfer, your money will go through the  "Funds Vetting Process" with our Bank Of America ,which means that Bank of America will verify your payment to make sure your money is clean (not coming from corruption, drug trafficking, prostitution, crimes etc.) Scroll down this page, you will see instructions about how to make your payment. We appreciate your understanding. 

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International Transfer Account Information


Copy the following bank account and bring it to your bank:

(i)- Buyer is outside USA: Secured Foreign Currency Wire Transfer:

Name of the bank: Bank of America.     SWIFT Code: BOFAUS6S   

                                           Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie T Livolsi

(ii)- Buyer is in USA but the sponsored family is outside USA: Secured Domestic Wire Transfer: 

 Name of the bank: Bank of America:

                                           SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N             

                                            Routing # 026009593

                                            Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie T Livolsi

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