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Q1: What is My Dental Wig?

A1: My Dental wig is a Patented, FDA approved, convenient, premium, elegant, painless, fast, long lasting, environmentally responsible and affordable way to substitute your teeth right from your home. It saves you money, time and teeth.  Appointments are available Monday to Sunday on this website.


My Dental Wig is also the company's name and its website is

Q2: What are My Dental Wig main benefits?

A2: My Dental Wig benefits are: affordable, short turnaround, painless, easy to remove and to put it in as ease, environment friendly and delivered to you at your home.

Q3: What does MY DENTAL WIG MOBILE mean?
A3:My Dental Wig Mobile means that you stay at your home, you place your order of your Dental Wig online on this website, we come to your home and provide you with your Dental Wig, from the impressions to the delivery. You don't have to worry about the transportation, the traffic or parking. We take care of all hassles. 

Q4: Do I have to pay for extra shipping cost in order to get My Dental Wig deliver to me?
A4: No. The amount you pay online here on this website includes our transportation, traffic, gas, and even parking costs.

Q5: What is My Dental Wig made of?
A5: My Dental Wig is rigid and made of premium  acrylic dental material.

Q6: Do you need impressions in order to make My Dental Wig?
A6: Yes. The kit for Oneself impression taking is part of the patented process. Anyone out there using the oneself impression kit for your impressions is using our licensing which you have the right to request.

Q7: Can I eat with My Dental Wig?
A7: Yes! You eat with it, you chew with it bread, apple, meat, pizza etc.

Q8: Can I sleep with My Dental Wig?
A8: Yes. You sleep with your Dental Wig.

Q9: When do I clean My Dental Wig?
A9: Any time you brush your teeth, just take it out, brush your teeth, your gum and your Dental Wig, then snap it in and you're done.

Q10: How long does that take to get My Dental Wig made?
A10: In average, it takes 2 to 3 business days to get your single tooth Dental Wig, 5 to 7 business days to get your partial Dental Wig and 8 to 10 business days to get your full Dental Wig after we receive your online payment. Dental Wig is all made in USA!

Q11: How does My Dental Wig stay in place in my mouth?
A11: My Dental Wig snaps into the empty space replacing missing

Q12: Does My Dental Wig covers my other teeth?
A12: No. Your Dental Wig just snaps into the empty space and replaces your missing teeth.

Q13: What is the color of My Dental Wig?
A13: Our trained Dental Wig technician will take the shade of your gum and your current teeth. We do our best to match them as close as possible. In the case of full Dental Wig, then we will make your Dental Wig with white teeth.
Other colors are available for extra cost.

Q: What do you do?

A: We offer premium full missing teeth replacement solutions.

Q: What you don't do?

A: we do not offer exam, x-ray, extraction, cleaning, filling, crown, bridge, implant. We don't offer any dentist's referral. If you are looking for a dentist, visit