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Executive Summary:

Are You Looking To Invest In Real Estate In the USA? Acquiring Real Estate Through a Dental Business is the solution.

We Have a $20,000,000 Investment Project With BIG Return


 WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN THE #6 2017 FORBES RANKING AMONG THE TOP 10 MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY IN USA?                                         Because there are over 178 million Americans with missing teeth. Many are the under-served. The current trend being promoted by dentists and the industry at large are implants. Implants average cost is $5,000 per tooth.                      

Dentures and bridges are not being promoted and when they are, it’s still a multiple step process for the patient. Often they are fitted with mediocre fittings. There’s just too much money in implants.

Our mission: To provide Natural Healthy & Beautiful Smile™ at an affordable cost to everybody  and in the convenience of their own home, disrupting the industry and creating a huge market opportunity.

Welcome to the Dental Wig System, the convenient and affordable alternative to dental implants.

 Business Model:

Our business model is a combination of owning the Real Estate of our dental factories, dental offices and run all of them. 

1 - Based on our proprietary system and U.S. Patent, Dental Wig will provide our local licensees with leads from our website, online social media and TV advertising. The website will schedule appointments with customers and our trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologist will make a home visit to take a mold and design the product. The final mold is then sent to one of our factories for injection and within 3-5 business day our clients receive their Dental Wig for initial fitting. With our exclusive fitting and manufacturing technology, customers are always surprised by the comfort and fit.

Our patented concept eliminates the dentist from the process of replacing missing teeth, allows us to offer convenience, premium products and services to consumers directly in their home. 

Customers in need of a new smile (replacing teeth) visit our website and for a single price, buy their Dental Wig for the upper or the lower jaw and pay the entire amount or make monthly payments in advance and when paid in full, our local licensee will deliver the full service and product.

Although Cosmetic Dentistry is a fragmented market, our concept of Buy once Smile Forever™  $60/month, a Beautiful Smile Home Delivered represents affordable real peace of mind. Our customers don’t have to worry anymore about their missing teeth.

Affordable: Our customers can select between our 1 Jaw 1 Price™, $1,500 per jaw, or $3,000 for the 2 jaws offer, and our layaway plan of $60 per month for 1 jaw or $110 per month for the 2 jaws. 

Comfort: Our proprietary fitting and manufacturing technology ensure the most comfortable dentures or removable dental devices on the market.

2 – Besides that, our dental offices will focus on a niche market of dental basic needs like extractions, cleaning, fillings and orthodontics.

Numbers at a glance:

Year one gross earnings forecast: $1,454,277,000  

We have detailed spreadsheets to support our projections.

Investment Opportunity:

MyDentalWig is seeking $20,000,000 in exchange of 25% equity stake of the both companies: MyDentalWig the dental supplies manufacturing and 6 fully equipped Dental office facilities located in 6 purchased commercial and residential buildings that we own, all located here in Southern California.




Cost of goods sold (10%)


Operating expenses


Profit & Loss


P.S: For non US citizens and non US residents, read "19% equity"  instead of 25% equity.

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