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My Dental Wig Foundation

My Dental Wig Foundation

Our humble mission at My Dental Wig Foundation is to solve missing teeth on earth.

We currently have a list of people who cannot afford My Dental Wig for their missing teeth. Wealthy people want to pay back in the community, for that reason they make donations to non-profits. The way it works is that the non-profits will  use the money to  pay for their expenses like rent, salaries, utilities and the balance will go to serve people the non-profit was created for. With My Dental Wig Foundation, 100% of your "donation" actually your purchase is for a dental wig. There is no non-profit intermediary between you the buyer, the recipient and My Dental Wig.

Our mission is to find find "wealthy" people who are willing to pay for Dental Wig for those less fortunate who cannot afford to replace their missing teeth even though our prices are really affordable. There are U.S. Veterans, single working parents, seniors, etc out there who need My Dental Wig. To anyone you will like to offer a gift of smile, My Dental Wig Foundation is the right place. 

How it works:

You decide what you want to offer to anyone. 1 missing tooth or partial missing teeth or full missing teeth. You choose here on our website and pay. When your payment is received, we will send you an invoice as your proof of purchase that can be deducted as a business expense in your company or your non-profit. Random person(s) on our list (unless you provide us with  name(s)), will be picked up depending on the amount of your payment. We will let the person know that you paid for her/his dental wig. When the teeth are made, we will send you pictures of before and after with a testimony and thank you note from the recipient. You choose to let the recipient know about your identity or not, it's up to you. A smile is so simple, so is its gift.



We appreciate your donation.