MyDentalWig Fully Patented & FDA Approved! Less Invasive - Less Expensive - Totally Mobile - We Come to You.

What is My Dental Wig Mobile?

My Dental Wig Mobile means your dental wig is delivered to you without leaving your home.

The best part about the whole process is that all materials from the impressions material, to the final product in premium quality cadmium free acrylic material combined with modern technologies like injection, buying online, booking appointment online using mobile device etc.  It's metal free, and not flexible. You just snap it into the empty space replacing your Missing Teeth, and look attractive, glamour,sexy and self-confident. 

My Dental Wig has the firmness of metal frame dentures, the aesthetic of Flexible Denture without tightening the gum, Pain Free, short turnaround and build-in matching gum color compared to Dental Implant and Bridge. The acrylic we use can be  burnout at 95%. During the manufacturing process we use green supply 95% natural and renewable, making  My Dental Wig the most environtally responsible dental product on the market, yet FDA approved.

Our Dental Wig Technologists that show up to our client's homes are trained and background checked. 

My Dental Wig benefits are: Affordable, fast, Painless, take it in and out as please, Environment Friendly and delivered to you  from the comfort of your home.

Samples of final metal free dental wig RESULTS!



If you have 1 Missing Tooth or multiple Missing Teeth, don't wait fill out the contact form, our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.