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Problems and Solutions

The Problems:

1- When you have lost a tooth or more, the only solution is to go to the dentist.

2- After exams, X-rays, etc, the dentist will suggest an implant or a bridge to substitute your missing tooth or teeth and will provide you with an estimate. If you can't afford the amount of the estimate, you often have no other alternative. You just put the estimate in a drawer and cry because it is too expensive. 

3- Implants and bridges are priced per tooth, that is why they are very expensive.

4- Implants and bridges are made from non eco-friendly materials.

5- Because bridges and implants are "permanent" like natural teeth, they can get decay.

Let's take the example of replacing 1 missing tooth :

i- Implants are not recommended for:

  • Smokers
  • People who have autoimmune diseases or take medicines used for these conditions
  • People who have had radiation therapy to the head and neck
  • People with uncontrolled diabetes

ii- One implant will cost you around $5,000 (including a bone graft, the implant, and the crown), and it will imply a heavy bloody procedure, with a turnaround of up to six months,  which means multiple appointments at the dental office. Besides, sometimes, after going through this entire process, your body may reject the implant...

iii- A bridge option requires that the dentist trims two healthy teeth to support the bridge, which implies a bloody procedure... In the end, you will lose two healthy teeth and you will pay for three teeth while only one tooth was missing. The average cost for a bridge of three teeth is minimum $2,100 ($700 per tooth x 3)  and it implies a turnaround of four to eight weeks (multiple appointments with your dentist).

The Solutions: Don't Let Missing Teeth Ruin Your Life Anymore!   

1- If you have one missing tooth or more, cannot afford a bridge or implant, and don't want a bridge or an implant, My Dental Wig is THE painless, metal free, and fast solution without  leaving your home. You can place your order directly from  your cell phone or computer. You don't have to pay for exams or X-rays. Replacing one missing tooth with  My Dental Wig, cavity free will cost you $950, no dentist, and no other healthy tooth will be trimmed. There will be no pain, no transportation hassle, and a turnaround of only two to three business days, without leaving your home.

If you want to replace more than one missing tooth, you can replace up to 13 missing teeth (as long as one of your natural teeth remains) on the same jaw for the same price.

2- My Dental Wig is priced per jaw, not per tooth, resulting in huge savings.

3- All the supplies we use, from the manufacturing site to the final product, are made out of up to 95% natural, environmental-friendly and renewable materials.

4- Because My Dental Wig is removable, you won't get cavity on replaced Teeth anymore

What we Stand for: 

Benefits of My Dental Wig over Dental Implant and Bridge:







Start your process:

1- Select your Dental Wig product for your upper or your lower jaw among 3 possibilities:

the first possibility is My Dental Wig 1 missing tooth; the second possibility is My Dental Wig partially missing  more than 1 tooth, up to 13 teeth (as long as it remains at least 1 tooth on your jaw), the  third possibility is My Dental Wig all Missing Teeth on one jaw (upper OR lower).

2- Enter your zip code to make sure your selected product is available within your zip code.

3- Book your first appointment at your convenient date and time from Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm ( our technician will come to your home). 

4- Click on “add to cart “ button, follow the process and pay using any of the cards listed or using regular Paypal or Paypal Credit which is Paypal financing.

You can apply right here on this website for PayPal financing. If this is the case, choose, Paypal Credit as your payment option. Your personal sensitive information and your social security number are completely handled only by Paypal, so that you are protected. We do not have access to your social security number. Then follow the steps.

If you are a U.S. veteran enter coupon code:  veterans . That will take 5% OFF right away from your order.

If you are AARP member, enter coupon code: aarp, we will pay your next 5 years AARP membership.

If it's your birthday, enter coupon code:  Happy Birthday. That will take $50 OFF right away from your order as our birthday gift to you. 

P.S: for discount coupon, you will have to provide either your VA card or your AARP membership card, or your ID for birthday verification.

5- You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase after your payment.

6- Our representative will give you a call to confirm your appointment.

7Process starts.

8- You will get your Dental Wig delivered to you in your home 3 to 7 business days from the starting day. Thank you for choosing My Dental Wig.