iDentalwig™ Patented (intelligent dental wig) is a health and wellness wearable dental device, which looks and feels like the normal dental wig (one tooth, partial and full) with self-charging sensor system inserted inside, that collects brain, heart, blood, muscles etc. activities almost 24/7 and sends to a cloud where stored data can be accessible to scientists, physicians and individual wearing the device through an application on any electronic device.

Think like Apple watch.

According to poll, 75% of people answered YES to the following question:

“Would you wear a Dental Implant Alternative™ if you knew it could identify health concerns such as DUI, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism, diabetes, etc.?”

Any human’s activity starts inside the brain. Being able to collect and monitoring brain’s activity almost 24/7 will allow a better understanding of how the brain works, which will lead to preventing many diseases like stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, autism, DUI, heart failure, etc…

The activities of the conscious and subconscious of humans are contained in our brain. The self-charging device will allow to collect data even after an individual is clinically declared “dead” until the battery is dead: this is the beginning of understanding what can happen after the death.

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