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All Dental Wig will be 100% made in the USA in our factory located here in Los Angeles County. We will launch in about 18 to 24 months starting in zip codes with pre-orders and subscribers to our Buy Once Smile Forever Layaway. Subscribe today and lock your price. 

Sign-Up Upper/Lower Jaw To Buy Once Smile Forever™, Your Dental Peace Of Mind™ Monthly Plan: For Less Than The Cable Bill 

We are a U.S manufacturing company. We manufacture the Dental Wig that replaces lost teeth including dentures, and smile care products like toothbrush, teeth whitening products etc. This subscription is a layaway for your Dental Wig which is proudly made in the USA. Because of Covid-19, we are currently offering Buy Once Smile Forever plans without Smile care product. $78/month for 1 jaw or $143/month for 2 jaws for the Dental Wig only.

We will grow our business starting where we have more Buy Once Smila Forever subscribers.

Your first purchase covers your smile forever. Start today and lock your price for 36 months. We cover what dental insurance and dental saving plans don't.

Tooth Loss Is A Process, therefore we've got you covered.

Buy Once Smile Forever™  Your Peace Of Mind.

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