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1 Jaw 1 Price™  DentalWig  Partial Or Full Upper Jaw PRE-ORDER

1 Jaw 1 Price™ DentalWig Partial Or Full Upper Jaw PRE-ORDER

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All Dental Wig will 100% made in the USA in our factory that will be located here in Los Angeles County. We will launch between 18 to 24 months starting in zip codes that we have pre-orders and subscribers to our Buy Once Smile Forever Layaway. Pre-order today and lock your price.

Let's compare MyDentalWig with dental implants:  dental implants are painful, they can cause nerve damage or sinus perforation, they are not environment friendly, and they are expensive.Dentists don't make teeth.

Here at MyDentalWig, we are your direct teeth manufacturer. Denture slips because it wasn't well made. With MyDentalWig teeth, you will eat like with your natural teeth. You will bite into an apple and will appreciate the taste of your food. Our brain has the memory of a taste...

Have your bad teeth extracted and your mouth will be ready.

It doesn't matter how many teeth are missing on your jaw, the price is the same. If you don't qualify for financing. We will help you to get your Dental Implant Alternative with our month layaway payment plan

Missing teeth can ruin your whole appearance. Fortunately, there's MyDentalWig, a metal-free (eco-friendly), painless, elegant and long-lasting false tooth replacement that doesn't hurt, snaps into place and feels just like a real tooth. You don't even have to go out to be fitted, one of our trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologists will visit you at your home or office. 

Your order Includes:
- Your impressions taken at your home or office.
- One custom fit Dental Wig that will match the color of your teeth and gums. 
- One adjustment trip to your home if needed.
- Up to 3 trips to your home or office.

MyDentalWig is premium quality, hand crafted and proudly made in the U.S.A.


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  • Do they feel like the regular Dentures, hard and uncomfortable

    Hi Cherie, sorry for the delay...

    To answer your question, MyDentalWig is made from the best dental acrylic, this product is less invasive and painless! 

    Click here to listen to Rebecca who loves MyDentalWig.

    Give us a call at 562 673-3316 if you need more information or go online to schedule your appointment today, we can have a technician come to you!

    Thank you,
    MyDentalWig Customer Care

  • What are you located?

    Hi Denise, we are a Los Angeles based business, however we are totally mobile, meaning that we come tou you. What is your zip code?

    Update 6/18/2018

    Hello Denise, we hope all is well.

    As we told you, we will come to you wherever you are in USA. We have trained and background checked licensees. Please sign up today for our amazing Buy Once Smile Forever $60/month/jaw payment plan. There is no credit check, no social security request, no late fees. Payment date is flexible. Don't let your missing teeth ruin your life anymore. We have this special video for you:copy and paste on your browser the following link

  • What type of material is it made if???

    We use premium acrylic material.