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10% Interest Turnkey EB-5 Investor Visa:  Get Your U.S. VISA With Your Family

10% Interest Turnkey EB-5 Investor Visa: Get Your U.S. VISA With Your Family

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 ATTENTION:  You can not make your payment for your EB5 Visa directly because of the "Funds Vetting Process" with our Bank Of America ,which means that Bank of America will verify your transfer to make sure your money is clean (not coming from corruption, drug trafficking, prostitution, crimes etc.) Scroll down this page, you will see instructions about how to make your payment. We appreciate your understanding. 

Send us a message on WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770

We are not EB-5  consulting company. We are a U.S manufacturing company that will help you create and maintain the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS, in order for you and your family to get the U.S green card. We manufacture the Dental Wig that replaces lost teeth including dentures, and smile care products like toothbrush, teeth whitening products etc. 

Contact Lydie The Founder HERE

We are your DeLuxe EB-5 Concierge





 As a standalone Eb-5 host, our offer is limited! So, don't wait! Take action right now!

"Let us pledge to each other that we can make America great again."

 Ronald Reagan.

You are one step away from becoming an EB-5 Investor Visa that will lead you without any doubt to contributing to make America great! 

Are you a foreign investor ready to invest $900,000USD  plus $50,000  USD for legal and miscellaneous fees  in our Dental Implant Alternative (“Dental Wig”) business in exchange of USA green card for you, your spouse and all your children under 21 years old, through the USA EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa? If your money is clean, then EB-5 Investor Visa Is Your best Solution. You with your wife or your husband, and all your children under 21 years can apply to get an investment VISA to come here to the USA, get a better education, better life AND live the American Dream! Lydie Livolsi, the Founder and CEO of this company, came here in USA as a French investor, so she knows what she is talking about. She knows the HUGE advantages of coming to USA! The USA is the only country on the planet where you will never be too old to become extremely successful.

This is the best time to invest in our company or it will be too late! Opportunity is never lost, it goes to someone else!  

Click the following link or copy and paste it on your browser for detail information from the USA official government website: 

It's not easy to understand, right? This is why we have done the work for you.

Directly contact Lydie the Founder HERE

Are you interested? Let's get started!

-  Have the $900,000  USD ready.

-  Have the $50,000 USD for legal fees and administrative fees

- Contact us. From the moment you get started with our EB-5 Lawyers, if you have all your documents translated in English ready, you can begin the process.

- You will be allowed to make the transfer of the money ONLY after the source of your funds passes the vetting process. If your money is not CLEAN (ie obtained legally), please, do not even try.

Our Team:

Our EB-5 Team speaks multiple languages. However, if English is not your primarily language, we recommend you to find your own local interpreter that you trust, who is fluent in English. We will do our best to better serve you.

EB-5 Attorney Chrystal Green: California Bar. Speaks multiple languages.

U.S. Attorney Haywood Wise, based in Paris - France Helps Foreign Investors willing to move to USA. Speaks multiple languages.


Our CEO and Founder : Lydie Livolsi Contact her directly HERE @lydielivolsi

"I moved here in Los Angeles in 2008 from Paris as a French Investor. I was able to enroll my son in public elementary school in Santa Monica where he was in the same class and was the best friend of a current NBA player's son. He graduated from the Santa Monica Lincoln Middle School in 2015 and we are planning for him to graduate from Beverly Hills High School.

My daughter, who graduated from " Section Internationale English, Lycee Honore De Balzac" in Paris, which was the only one in France at that time, got enrolled to the Luxurious Soka University of America, in Aliso Viejo in Southern California. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Art. When it comes to the best school choice for children, I totally understand all the strategies behind great schools. I personally attended IFOSUPD, a Private Dental School in France, back in 1987! That is why I believe the USA is the only country on the planet where you will never be too old to become extremely successful. 


Lydie Livolsi

What we do:

My Dental Wig is in the Dental Manufacturing industry. Serving those who need dental alternatives to bridges and dental implants, with in-home service, our Patented and FDA approved Dental Wig is a solid choice for an EB-5 investor visa. With a large aging population, this in-demand product is perfect for a foreign investor. Dental industry was ranked #6 among the top 10 profitable industry in USA in 2017 by Forbes. See attached document. 

Then, from #Founder #LydieLivolsi personal experience who came to USA as a French #investor, we offer the easiest, fastest and most transparent #concierge USA EB5 #visa that will lead to the #USA #greencard to #UHNWIs and #HNWIs who are seeking the USA green card. Therefore, we are not an EB5 #Consulting company: we are the manufacturing dental products that will actually deliver ALL USCIS's requirements , including creating the 10 full time #jobs in America on your behalf. 


The Dental industry represented $106.7 billion USD in 2010 with the expectation to reach $160 billion USD in 2030.

We are a Los Angeles based company and we are a standalone EB-5 investment recipient. We are not a Regional Center.

The benefits as an EB-5 Immigrant Investor applicant are:

- The U.S. green card for you and your family

- The potential to make more money

-  Great education for your children

-  While you don’t have to live in California where you invest, the State of California has fostered extremely successful companies like Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Uber. It is also well known for the Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Celebrities...and more!

"Helping people saving money while we are making money", by becoming a Dental Wig Investor. The dental field is no longer a fragmented industry. We are the leader. 

Created in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy, the EB-5 Investor Visa offers foreign investors moving to America the "Green Card" for themselves, spouse, and dependent children under 21.The monies must be used for U.S. based projects and production.

One Of The Beautiful Los Angeles Homes You Have Dreamed Of Is Here!

Are you ready? Yes?

WE GUARANTEE: Fulfillment of the 10 full-time manufacturing jobs in USA required by the USCIS in 18 months which is the KEY for your Green Card.

Make your payment:

Using our Bank Of America account information below.

BUYER: Sponsor your family or any foreign family you want with 1 click. 

To pay, print the following wire transfer information and go to your bank:

         Quantity: 1 family                 Total amount: 1 x $950,016.00 USD

(i)-  Buyer is outside USA: Secured Foreign Currency Wire Transfer: Name of the bank: Bank Of America.     SWIFT Code: BOFAUS6S   

                                           Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie  T  Livolsi

(ii)- Buyer is in USA but the sponsored family is outside USA: Secured Domestic Wire Transfer:  Name of the bank: Bank Of America:

                                           SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N             

                                            Routing # 026009593

                                            Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie  T  Livolsi

Send a message directly to Lydie the Founder HERE

- Buyer must pass the Funds Vetting Process:


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