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Same Day Denture Repair: We Come to Your Home

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Give your parents the attention they deserve:

When it comes to your parents, don't be tightfisted. When they were young, they took multiple loans, mortgage etc to provide you with a decent life style. Today, either they are living in a senior living home or alone, they smile still mater, they still care about their appearance. Our "VIP same day denture repair" allows you to focus on your daily activities without worry, we take care of your parent's broken or missing tooth on their denture as they are not allow to contact any outside service provider. Give us a call at (562) 673-3316. We will go to her/his senior living home or her/his house, pick up her/his broken or existing denture with 1,2,3 lost teeth, get the impressions, go back to our local manufacturing facility, repair the denture and will go back deliver to her/him the same day because they are worthy!
BONUS: we will clean up and polish the denture, so it feels and looks like "new"

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