What Our Clients Have to Say
Hear From Karen and Her

My name is Karen, I live in Carson California. I contacted the Dental Wig after I saw their ad on Television. I started reading their testimonials and I like what I read. And, it was so convenient. They came tom my house. I made the payment up front, they came out. They were very flexible with their time. I had teeth missing both my upper and lower. They fixed everything for me. They came for I think 7 appointments and IT’S PERFECT. I CAN EAT AGAIN. I’m fixed now and I’M HAPPY! It looks good, everybody thinks it looks nice. It was easy.

I had developed anxiety about going to the dentist, that’s why I started having problems with my teeth. By the time I started going to the dentist, it was too late. I have to have denture put in which I was crazy about, but it gave me back my smile. Then, the dentist passed away. I didn’t know who to go to the practice. So, my teeth started to break and I had to figure out something. So, I called the Dental Wig, and they made the appointment for me. And they came out at my convenience. They were always on time. Always professional and I get my smile back! If you have missing teeth and you have problem, go to Mydentalwig.com. They will come to your house which makes it easier for you. You have to set aside half an hour or 45 minutes of your day.

They are flexible with their time. I”M HAPPY. I’M HAPPY WITH IT 100%.

Hear From Danny and His
Life Changing Experience

My Dental Wig like all great American businesses is making Americans Smile Again!

New Dental Implant Alternative

Are you looking for an Affordable Natural Healthy & Beautiful Smile™?

New Dental Implant MADE IN USA! Come get your teeth in America! You don’t have to go to Tijuana anymore to get your teeth done. Our trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologist will come to you, get your impressions, make your Dental Wig on 1 jaw and adjust it if needed, all of that for just $1,500 + tax. We guarantee, you will chew apple, almond, meat and sleep with your Dental Wig. Visit us www.mydentalwig.com or call us at 562-673-3316 we take payment on the phone

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Hear About Wanda and Her
Upper & Lower Wig

Hello, my name is Wanda and I’m from Atlanta. I’m going to tell you my story about dentures. Two years ago, I had my teeth pulled, my upper and my lower. Because I had a tremendous dental pain. Tooth aches daily, so I decided to have my upper and lower teeth pulled. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have implants or go ahead and get dentures. So I won my temporary for about two years. After that, I saw on Facebook, Dental Wig, My Dental Wig. So I contacted the Assistant which is Susan. She called me back and she gave me information about it, how it will be different from having permanent at a regular dentist, it will be more suction, I won’t have to use adhesive. I flew out of California, last week of September, and fortunately, I met the Founder of Dental Wig: Lydie. She picked me up from LA airport, she helped me find somewhere to stay, she told me different places to go. She came to where I was staying. She got the impressions, she came back… she had the temporary that I was to try one… She made mine, she made some adjustments, and after the adjustments, I am satisfied.

And if there is anybody out there listening to me, that feels like you don’t want to have dentures, please, call My Dental Wig, they are great!

Hear About Ron and His
At Home Replacement

My name is Ron Griggs, I live in Valencia, California. I’m a 60 year old man. I had many missing lower teeth. I checked out the cost of dental implants, and they were very expensive: $12,000 (twelve thousands dollars) for 3 teeth. I needed an alternative, and I heard about the Dental Wig, my wife did on Facebook, and nice enough, to come out , do all the work to me. They came to me, I never have to go to a dental office or anything. They did several impressions, 5 trips out.

Today I get my delivery of my teeth and I’m happy to enjoy my first meal.

Hear About Dan and His
Buy Once Smile Forever™ Story

Hi, I’m Dan, I live in Leisure World in Seal Beach, California, and today is the first day I’ve had my new denture, and I can’t tell you how much more pleased I am with this, compared to the old one which I never wore because it was very uncomfortable and it caused me to have a gagging reflex. This one, I know I wear because I will need it for food and it has been helping me with my health, and I’m very pleased with the meticulousness of Lydie’s process and the thoroughness which she did the fittings, put a lot of work into it, and it’s well worth the money that I spent. She definitely earned her money, no question about it, and I really, I’m impressed with them, with Lydie herself as well as her invention, because I really uh… compared to the way the normal dentists do it, there’s no question, this is a much better approach.

So, I’m pretty excited to have it, and I know I’ll be using it, and it won’t be something I’ll stick in a drawer and forget about, and it’s going to be much better for my health. Thank you.

Hear About Rebecca and Her Story

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m missing some of my teeth. I went to a traditional dentist, I was unwilling to pay the price or take out a loan and then, I was referred to My Dental Wig (by the way, Rebecca was referred to us by her Lawyer) and less than a week, they gave me my confidence back. I’m able to chew (not just to bite), I sleep with them, I use them for every single purpose that you would use traditional teeth for. This is my smile without Dental Wig and this is my smile with. I’m complimented daily that I have a radiant smile.

I love my Dental Wig!

Rebecca got Her Smile Back
less than a week, they gave me my confidence back... I love my Dental Wig!
MyDentalWig Client
Hear About Dave and His DentalWig Story

David flew from Canada to Los Angles to get his 2 Missing Teeth on his Upper Jaw replaced with My Dental Wig, the # 1 Best Mobile Services available for people with Missing Teeth. Dave saved $$$$$

Hello, my name is David, I’m a small business owner from Vancouver BC. About a year ago, I discovered that I had a major problem with my jaw; with my upper left jaw, and it had negatively impacted two teeth that were literally broke. They told me that in order to fix it, I would need inserts. In order to put the inserts in, because of the problem in the jaw, they were going to need to do a bone graft, and I was going to have to spend about $12,000.00. Now, as a small business owner, I didn’t have medical coverage for all of that. So, I thought there has to be a better way. Fortunately, I found a Facebook ad, connected me with My Dental Wig. And here I am today! I paid for it right away and nine months later I flew down to LA on my schedule to get my new teeth. I’d like to show it to you. This is it, right here, my new DentalWig to replace the teeth that were in there, considerably less cost.

Now, to put it in, I simply pick it up and click into place, and we’re done. Now, I’ve had it for 40 hours, so you know, this is new. For the past 40 hours, I have had no pain at all. In fact, I didn’t even know until now, that I was supposed to take them out to clean my gums. Just the fit is perfect. It’s a painless approach, it’s really serving me well. I chewed carrots yesterday, just to make sure that the thing works, it works like a charm. If you’re thinking about getting a couple of teeth replaced, why pay for implants? Really, look at My Dental Wig, you will find them to be very professional, they came to me, and here I am on the beach, in Huntington Beach, I’m down here for a week, paying the expenses of living beach side, and I’m saving money. It’s costing me a whole lot less than my implants and false teeth that way would have been, and I’m able to sit and work on my computer from anywhere. You want to make your teeth good, talk to the people at My Dental Wig. I’m David, come in yes; come in to check it out please. Thank you.

Hear from Laura and Her DentalWig Story

Hello, my name is Laura, and about seven years ago, I lost the baby tooth that my mom forgot to pull out. It had nothing to do with money or anything, and I discovered that, I needed to get an implant, but my space, because my teeth are small, the space was too small for implant. I had no idea of what to do, I was lost. So, then my friend recommended Lydie’s product “oh My Dental Wig”, My Dental Wig (laugh). I’m gonna do everything here, go ahead. But basically, long story short, I don’t know what I would do without it. I love the product, it’s easy, it stays in, I can eat, look how beautiful my smile is. Like I have no problems, and I didn’t have to pay all the money for implant that wouldn’t fit in my mouth anyway, because I have very small teeth, and because it was a baby tooth that came out, the bone couldn’t even grow.

I don’t know what I would do without it. I love the product, it’s easy, it stays in, I can eat, look how beautiful my smile is
MyDentalWig Client

There were no guarantee if they tried an implant that would be smaller. So, this product has literally saved my life. It wasn’t necessary a money issue at all, it was really just a necessary thing. So, there’s so many users for this product, it’s just one of the best product on the planet, and it helps so many people. I highly, highly recommend it. Thank you. Go to mydentalwig.com

Hear from Isis and Her DentalWig Story

Hi, my name is Isis, I am a Behavior Analyst as my profession, and I’m super happy today, because I just got My Dental Wig, and I got my smile back. I’m super stocked.

A little bit about my story. I got two upper teeth removed earlier this year, uh… the dentist wanted to do a root canal on the teeth, and I decided to get them removed instead, number one because the root canal procedure was $3,000 (three thousand dollars) each tooth with a total of over $6,000 (six thousand dollars) just for root canal, and also because I did not want dead teeth in my mouth. Um.. So, I was searching for solutions, implants are way too much money, especially for a young professional like myself, so, I was actually walking down my local street, and I saw My Dental Wig, and I was like, I think this is my solution. So, I went to the website, everything was super easy, and straightforward, I made my selection, and the Technician came to my house the next day, and I got my teeth today which was the following week. So, everything was super smooth, and I feel a lot more confident, I can smile again, and I am super thankful, so just go to mydentalwig.com and place your order, everything is super streamlined and super easy, and I hope your smile with a story like mine was. Thank you.

Hear from Steve and His DentalWig Story

Hi, my name is Steve, I live in Garden Grove. I’ve been a milkman for 28 years. I had this denture for 30 years. After few years, they do, uh.. my teeth didn’t work anymore. I lost my confidence and smiling. I have people didn’t understand what I was saying, and then I met Lydie through mydentalwig.com, she came to my house and a week and a half later, here I am, I got a brand new teeth, they are nice and easy, I feel confident again, I feel like smiling, I’m happy. So, if you need any teeth, go to mydentalwig.com

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Hear from Barbara and Her DentalWig Story

Hello, my name is Barbara, I am, I live in Santa Ana, and I found My Dental Wig on a TV commercial, and I.., I saw it a couple of times and I wasn’t quite sure, so I went on the website, read the information, figured it out how they did it, and I was…I really wanted to do something for my teeth, because I have two missing upper teeth, and whenever I talked or smiled you can see the holes and it was quite embarrassing. So, I went to the process, I bought the… I paid for the Dental Wig, and as soon as I gave my information, my credit card information, somebody responded to me and verified that it was me, and that somebody will be calling me, and sure enough, the next day, they called me right away, we set up an appointment, we went forward, they got their appointment, uh…we… uh…the person came to my house, it was very convenient, I was a little skeptical, uh… we did everything in my kitchen sink, and everything went smoothly, I uh…

the following week, I got the Dental Wig, and we did a few adjustments,and then after the adjustments, they came back, and uh… and whatever other little adjustments they did at my house, which was very easy, very instant, instantaneously it was really nice and convenient, and it is so nice to have my upper jaw with a full set of teeth,I smile more, I’m uh… I have clientele that I deal with every day, and I like laughing, and smiling, and I don’t have to worry about not smiling anymore, about hiding my teeth, and what’s really strange is I’ve been telling people about this Dental Wig even before I finished it all, and got the final results, and I’ve never talked about my missing teeth before, and would recommend My Dental Wig to anybody who’s missing teeth. It’s been great.

Hear from US Navy Veteran Sidi and His
DentalWig Story

Hi, my name is Sidi Bara, I’m a United States Navy Veteran, I had missing teeth. I was introduced to My Dental Wig by my sister, the procedure was fast and affordable, I walked away a week later with my teeth. I eat with My Dental Wig, and it helped me build up my confidence and get a job. Now I can smile without covering my mouth. If you have missing teeth, don’t wait, go right now at mydentalwig.com and start the process immediately

Hear from US. Marine Veteran Joe and His
DentalWig Story

Hi, my name is Joe Silva, I’m a Marine Corps Veteran, from East Los Angeles, born and raised there, uh… I’ve been with missing teeth for about 15 years, and thanks to Facebook, I met this women uh… the Dental Wig. I asked her for help, to see if there is any way she could help me, because I’ve been to a lot of the places and haven’t been able to get that help. And thanks to her and The Love of Margot Foundation, and especially Mike Murphy, the Founder, I like to thank them for my teeth, because I can chew now, and I have my smile back.



Yes, I just want to say Thank You So Much Mike Murphy, for giving us the opportunity to help people like Joe. Thank You So Much, Thank You. THANK YOU MIKE!
Joe Silva
MyDentalWig Client
Hear from Community College Teacher Helen and Her
DentalWig Story

Hi, my name is Helen, and I’m a Community College Teacher. I recently had my upper and lower teeth fixed up, and I was really unhappy with the people that did my teeth, because she put wire around my teeth and told me I couldn’t eat with them. So, I was looking for another place, and I found My Dental Wig, and she guaranteed me that I’d be able to eat with my teeth and they will look much better, and I would have a great smile. So, I had my teeth done there, and I was really happy. I’m really happy with them, and I don’t have any complaints, so I recommend that you go to mydentalwig.com , and make your appointment so you can start the process.

Hear from Miguel and His
DentalWig Story

Okay. So, my name is Miguel, and I basically had a crown not too long ago, about a year that or maybe two years ago. I had it for a year, and it broke. So, I was running around with this gigantic hole in my mouth, mm, hmmm.. hole in my mouth, and um, basically, what happened was I ended up running through the neighborhood, and I found the storefront for mydentalwig.com. So, I spoke with Lydie, and she explained to me the process, I went home, went online, looked the testimonials, looked at the price range and everything, and I decided to go ahead and make my deposit to have my appointment. My appointment was the next day, I had everything done within three days, and I went from that major hole that you’ve seen couple of seconds ago, to what I have today. It’s definitely something that I would recommend to anybody who has problems with missing teeth or anything like that. I know how important it is to have, you know a couple of smile, especially with mine being in the front, I can talk, I can eat, uh… I can do everything that I couldn’t have done before even with the crown, and not spent way less is definitely something I will recommend to anybody. So, if you have the same problem that I had, if you are watching this video, you do, you should go ahead and make your deposit. Somebody from mydentalwig.com will call you and starts your process.

Hear from Mercedes and Her
DentalWig Story
Hear from Mike and His
DentalWig Story

So, this is a testimonial for the Dental Wig. I had lost my teeth for like ten plus years, I lost two front teeth, and I was wearing a partial with uh…, it had metal brackets, and now I opted to get the Dental Wig, and I’m actually wearing it on, I don’t know if you find out where it is, and which teeth or whatever, well, I think you won’t, so, that’s what my money’s worth, so that’s what I paid for.

As Seen In Media
Watch My Dental Wig at the
Leisure World Community Expo in Seal Beach, California

I’m Mallory Sullivan, right now I’m at Leisure World at the 2017 Leisure World Community Expo, sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. This Community Expo gives vendors, the rare opportunity to showcase their business products and services to over 9,000 residents of Leisure World. Let’s head inside. Susan Ouellet of My Dental Wig: “Our business is an alternative to dental implants, it’s a FDA approved, fully Patented, Dental; so we visit the customer, the client, do the mold, and come back within a week with their Dental Wig, mydentalwig.com is where you’ll find us.

Thomas Moore City Council, Seal Beach District 2: “We’re really here to support the Chamber of Commerce, the city’s here with the Police and the Fire Department, and it’s a great event because we’re showing support for not only the Chamber of Commerce with Leisure World, and the city. So, it’s kind of bringing all those entities together, and having a nice event for further the city of Seal Beach.

Paul Pratt, Co-Chair, and Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce: “Three years ago, we had the first event here, and we were covered very well, we had about 2,500 people. A lot of people are coming so far. I’m guessing we’ve had about 800 to a thousand people who come through, but it’s a lot of fun, and a whole idea is to have people who are living in Leisure World to be able to contact the people who are in the Chamber”

Mallory Sullivan: “And that’s all we have for today’s covers of the 2017 Leisure World Expo sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. Stay in the know about upcoming shoots or events for Los AL TV at ourlosal.tv Thank you for watching.”

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The above prices are the deposits only (excluding layaway).
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