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The first thing people notice about you is your smile, and for better or worse, that smile informs them about you regarding a wide range of issues. We all know that society rewards a brilliant smile, but at the same time it forms negative connotations pertaining to a toothless smile. However, expensive dental treatments and painful procedures need not interfere with your brilliant smile. With My Dental Wig, you can have an outstanding smile at a fraction of the cost and absolutely none of the pain that you would experience with a dental implant or a dental bridge.

There is a great deal of myths regarding missing teeth, and here at My Dental Wig, we’re committed to dispelling them.

Myth #1: “If It’s in the Back, Missing Teeth Don’t Matter”

This fallacy ignores the reality that a single missing tooth, regardless of its placement, has a deleterious effect on its neighbors. That’s because the remaining teeth tend to slide towards the empty spot, causing misalignment of all the remaining teeth. Additionally, the added space resulting from the missing tooth serves as a gathering point for additional plaque, which, of course, poses a serious threat to the rest of your mouth.

Myth #2: “I Can Wait for My Insurance From Work” 

Delaying your dental treatment in the hope of obtaining dental insurance coverage is a very risky strategy. Indeed, the majority of dental plans are really barely more than discounted plans that do little beyond covering costs of mere cleanings and preventative measures. These plans focus on keeping your existing teeth healthy, while doing little to return your smile to its original glory, if you have lost one of your teeth.

Myth #3: “Implants and Bridges are the Best Remedy for Missing Teeth”

In terms of avoiding drilling into healthy teeth and tender gums, dental implants and bridges are not necessarily the ideal solution to missing teeth, nor are they cost-effective or affordable. Both implants and bridgeworks are invasive non eco-friendly dental procedures.
They can be avoided with the use of My Dental Wig. Rather than waiting for months for expensive implant or bridge work, you can be smiling within a week with eco-friendly My Dental Wig.

Myth #4: “Bone Grafts are for Future Work”

Every time you need to have an implant, the dentist must drill into healthy bones for a successful install operation. Grafts are designed to slow down bone loss and reduce shrinking around the gums. The idea behind bone graft is that as the body heals, the bone graft will blend and create new bone. 
With My Dental Wig, a thick jawbone and heavy saliva provide great sucking power that keeps the Dental Wig attached where it belongs, without painful drilling into healthy bone and tissue.

Myth #5: “People with Missing Teeth Have No Quality of Life Issues”

Numerous sociological studies have pointed out that missing front teeth can adversely affect a wide range of functions, from employment and promotion opportunities, to personal life. For better or worse, society notices the quality of your teeth, and as previously mentioned, society rewards a brilliant smile, and considers a toothless smile from a negative perspective.
With My Dental Wig, you can approach everything with poise and confidence.

Myth #6: “Replacing Missing Teeth is Painful”

With all the drilling into healthy teeth and digging into live bone with metallic objects, it’s understandable that this myth is a reality for most people with missing teeth.
However, with My Dental Wig, you don’t have to suffer anymore. It is a completely pain-free and eco-friendly option for a better smile. As such, you don’t need to endure pain, bleeding, or a long recuperation time.

Myth #7: “The Dentist’s Office is the Only Place for Fixing Missing Teeth”

With My Dental Wig Mobile System, you have an alternative to going to the dentist when it comes to fixing your missing teeth. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere because My Dental Wig technicians will come to you at your house. We offer a fast, safe, painless, affordable and eco-friendly option when it comes to fixing missing teeth.

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Lydie Livolsi, Founder & CEO of Dental Wig & Dental Wear, has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, including Dental Practice Management. She is a Missing Teeth Expert.

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