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Billionaire In The Making: Lydie's Interview With Charles Caldwell From Hon Kong

Charles Caldwell has been mentoring Lydie Livolsi since 2019.

Here is their latest conversation early 2022


Title: Lydie HongKong Interview 30 Dec 2021

– Hello, everybody.
– This is Charles in Hong Kong.
– Today, I am with Lydie Livolsi
– from the website MyDentalWig.com.
– Lydie is based in Los Angeles, and
– today she has a very exciting opportunity.
– If you follow me on LinkedIn then you
– have seen my previous post about Lydie.
– Lydie, please tell use what is MyDentalWig.com?
– What is it about?
Hi, Charles.
Thank you so much for giving me this
great opportunity to share with you guys.
And talk about what is MyDentalWig?
Thank you so much for that.
Basically, MyDentalWig is the website.
We replace missing teeth.
We replace missing teeth without going to the dentist.
– Okay
It’s a patented process and FDA cleared.
We have the opportunity to provide this amazing
service nationwide and globally because it is patented.
– And are there a lot of people in
– the USA that are missing teeth?
– That is your market originally, it is the USA, right?
Of course, Charles, do you
know that just in the United States,
there are more than 178 million
people missing at least one tooth.
This is more than half of the population
of the United States of America.
– Wow.
So the market size is huge.
– Wow.
And as you know, dental insurance does
not cover a replacement of missing teeth.
– That is right.
Because the replacement of missing teeth is not a risk.
And those people are candidates to get MyDentalWig.
We replace from one missing tooth to all missing teeth.
– Fantastic.
– You’re basically giving people their smiles back.
That’s our mission.
Give people their smiles back.
Wow, that’s fantastic.
And tell me, Lydie, where did this vision come from?
What’s your journey and what inspired
you to come up with this technology?
Well, I was born in Cameroon, in Africa.
My older sister was a dentist.
My grandmother, she had only two teeth left in her mouth.
Two upper teeth.
And she loved to eat crunchy roasted peanuts.
She would kneel on the floor
and grind her peanuts like this.
And one day she asked my sister,
“Please, I heard that you make teeth.
Can you provide me teeth so I can
enjoy eating crunchy roasted peanuts?”
And my sister, she said, “Well Grandma, I’m a dentist.
I don’t make teeth.”
So, we are planning to send Lydie to France
so that she will learn how to make teeth.
And she will come back here and make your teeth.
And she said, “we” meaning my siblings
because I’m the last child of my father.
I lost my father when I was in the fifth grade in school.
It happened in January 1st on New Year’s Day, 1975.
– I’m sorry to hear that.
Yes, that is life.
So, my siblings took care of my
education from kindergarten and onward.
Because my father was sick when I
moved into the first grade of school.
The last time that I saw my father was in kindergarten.
And it was the casket that came back.
So sorry for this.
– No, that is okay.
– I appreciate that it is hard to lose a
– parent, especially true at a young age.
And I remember the funeral.
The people were crying, my aunts and all my family.
They were crying and looked at me.
The youngest child orphaned, what you’re going to do?
Sorry about what my life is going to become.
So anyway, I went to France in a
private school, and I was really trained.
It was one of the best dental manufacturing
private schools in France at that time.
It was located in Aix-en-Provence, South France.
– Okay
I took four years of classes in three
years because I was very good student.
Next, I started working.
And after that, I went back to get
my master’s degree in two years.
I came here (USA) because I wanted to make teeth so I
could go back home and replace my grandmother’s teeth.
But what happened was that when I
was in second year, she passed away.
– Oh, sorry.
I was devastated.
I said, “Well, I’m here learning all this
to go back and make my grandmother’s teeth.”
But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that.
Life took away my father and taking away my grandmother.
The people who I really cared about.
– Yes, that is difficult.
These are people who were very
excited to see me born into the family.
At the same summer, I flew back to Cameroon and I
pledged on my grandmother’s casket that I’m going back
to France and I will find a way to replace the
missing teeth of all people in the world to honor her.
– Wow, that’s amazing.
Yes, and I flew back to France.
I completed my education.
But I always had that thought in my mind.
I need to find a way.
And then I set up my own business in France.
I was in the city of Champagne and thinking
to myself, how am I going to do that?
The topic of my master’s degree topic was, “Regulation
and normalization in the dental industry.”
I found out that I can do everything.
I can make crowns, bridges,
implants, orthodontics, dentures.
I can make all types of dental apparatus.
It’s not a problem for me.
I said to myself, I need to really find a topic where I have
really something to learn,
something that I don’t know about.
This is where I came out with
this topic of all the regulations.
And with that in mind, I got the
opportunity to visit many countries.
I traveled to many countries, especially in Europe.
I had meetings with dentists, dental
lab owners and talked with them.
What do you think can make the change?
What do you think can be a great
revolution in the dental industry?
To all of them, it was clear.
On the day that the dental lab can
sell the product directly to the consumer.
That day will be a huge change.
A big revolution.
I said, “Okay.”
Then I completed my education.
And I remembered all the questions that the people had.
They wanted this to happen.
And I came out with my first patent,
which was the dental impression tray.
And I said, “I’m going to make a kit.”
I realized that the only thing that
was preventing me from selling
my product directly to the consumers
was the dental impression kit.
Then I was that I need to find a way to solve this.
– Okay
Then I had that idea of patenting
a kit for dental impressions.
You see.
And then I said, okay, boom, eureka!
You need to patent the dental impression tray.
Find a way.
And I didn’t know how.
I solved that by patenting a dental impression tray.
First you squeeze it and then you can open it.
And you can adjust it to the
size of your mouth and just lock it.
That is it.
And for that invention, that patent,
I got the Lanvar Innovation Prize.
In French back then the Lanvar was
a national organization for innovation.
They helped me with making the prototype.
But the dental impression tray
was just a single step to the kit.
And so I filed that patent in France.
And I filed in Europe with the European Office of Patent.
Finally, I filed in the United States.
As a woman, this is not easy.
Because for us women, when
you do all of this stuff it complicated.
You have the husband.
There is money going out, out and out.
It was part of the problems in my marriage.
I need to share that.
And for my second patent for the kit.
My patent lawyer here who filed
for the dental impression tray.
He said, “Lydie, just file
directly here in the United States.”
We did it.
And then he said, “What are you doing in France?”
You can move here and start learning about
American culture and the English language.
But I could not move to the United States right away.
I had a husband and I have a child.
Finally, I said, “You know what?
I am going to America!”
So, I took my kids and we moved here to Los Angeles.
– You moved to America to pursue the
– American dream with you dental technology?
In 2008, I moved here for the first time.
While I was here, I hired Time Warner Cable
for TV in order to create amazing TV ads.
In 2009 there as a big recession here in Los Angeles.
The TV ad started and it was amazing.
People were calling, “What, can I make an appointment?”
We booked appointments.
And ten days later, people were calling back.
They said, “I need to cancel the appointment.”
They were crying because they were going
to lose a job because of the recession.
– Because of the global financial crisis.
The economy was not working.
So, I shutdown the business.
I put the equipment in storage.
But I didn’t file for bankruptcy.
So that LLC – I file taxes every year.
I never missed one year.
– So, you’ve kept the company active,
– even though you’re a bit dormant.
– When you ran the ads, you had a huge demand.
– But the timing wasn’t right with the economy.
– So, you’ve also run ads on Facebook
– just recently in the last couple of years.
– What has the demand been like when you have done that?
The same.
The ad on Facebook.
This little dental wig.
Oh, my God.
People, they love it.
– Yes
Because when they see it, it’s amazing, you see.
It just snaps in and snaps out.
No implants, no crown.
People were like, please, where are you located?
This is too good to be true.
What’s this?
What can you come to my zip code, please?
Do you have somebody here?
The demand is there.
We were overwhelmed.
– What advertisements numbers did you get from Facebook?
– The numbers on Facebook were quite staggering.
To be honest with you, right now we have 34,000 followers.
– That’s a lot of followers.
It was more than that.
– So literally, once you get to the point where
– you’ve successfully capitalized the business
– so you can operate at scale, you’ve got 34,000
– people waiting to start using your business.
This is when I understood that it is time to go out,
raise capital and serve these people that are waiting.
– So before you get into that, let’s just back up one second.
– I remember one of the times that you and I talked.
– You told me about a vision or a type of
– an anointing that your father had for you.
– Tell me more about that.
My father, my beloved dad.
He love me.
I am one of the loved persons in my family.
And my father, he said to me – It was one day after
we were having a ceremony at the kindergarten.
That was the only kindergarten in my hometown.
And the person, the student who opened the ceremony what me.
I just walked in like this and all my
hometown out there watching me.
– How old where you?
I was seven years old.
– Okay.
I was my dad in the crowd, and it
just game me a lot of self-confidence.
Because my dad told me every morning, “Do this.
You are the most beautiful person.
You are smart.”
I just came out and I did exactly what he wanted me to do.
I nailed it.
At the end of the ceremony people came and
said, “Oh my God, this girl, you’ll go far.
Oh, you are smart.”
And my dad told me.
He said, you will be the wealthiest woman in the world.
My dad was always like, I don’t
need a husband to make me rich.
I will be the wealthiest woman in the world.
– And this was in Cameroon when you were seven years old?
– He had no barriers inside his mind.
Not at all.
And I had this prediction, too.
I didn’t remember.
It is from my sister.
She called me like, maybe a year or two ago.
She reminded me.
She said, “Do you remember Mama Susan?”
I said, “Yes.”
And she said, “Unbelievable.”
When we were going to post the list of MyDentalWig on SEC.
And she said, “That’s the prediction.”
She said, “You will be extremely rich because you will
set up a marketplace and people will come and buy.”
Can you imagine?
– Yes.
Well, that’s great.
– That is very exciting.
– We have talked about the demand.
– We have talked about some of the
– business elements behind MyDentalWig.com.
– We talked about your training, you background in
– dentistry and the innovations that you created.
– It’s easy for people to contribute.
Yes, and PicMii also accepts investors to
invest for their minor kids, which is legal.
– Okay.
And really PicMii is awesome for that.
All these features..
So, if you are listening to this video,
wherever you are in the world, you can invest.
And we made things accessible because we
kept the minimum investment about $100 usd.
So we want more people to take
advantage of this great opportunity,
which was given to only accredited investors in America.
So, since March 15th, 2021,
non-accredited investor can invest.
And even people who are non-accredited investors
can invest without any question, up to $2,200 usd.
It’s huge.
– That’s terrific.
– Congratulations on that.
Thank you so much.
I did nothing.
It’s the government and PicMii.
PicMii just wanted to apply the legal rules.
– Well, thank you, PicMii, and thank you, government
– for stimulating that type of environment for startups.
– What’s your timeline, Lydie?
Right now.
We accept investment from
accredited and non-accredited investors.
So, at any time it can happen.
We want to raise up to $5 million usd.
At any time, it can happen.
But in the meantime, right now we are looking for land.
We have a real estate agent
looking for land for our factory.
Because this is not like a lawyer’s office.
In a lawyer’s office a lawyer needs a desk and a computer.
This is manufacturing.
We need to make sure that we have all the kit, all the
components of the kit before making the dental wig itself.
It is really a manufacturing site that we need.
– Yes, it is a process.
The first step is as soon as we
raise money, we will buy the land.
If you raise 5 million usd, it will be faster.
The fastest way is to get to the money as soon
as possible so we can jump start the project.
The timeline is something that we do not know.
If you guys are listening then invest.
And if you are an accredited investor, this is a great
business opportunity because the market side is huge.
And there are no competitors.
– All of this is coming together.
– What’s next?
– How are you going to capitalize on this idea?
The next step is what we are doing right now.
We are raising capital.
My next mission is raising capital funds.
And after that, we will put into
place our deployment and execution.
It is a simpler way.
Because keep in mind while I was
waiting and getting the patent filed.
I went back to college here in
the United States, in Long beach.
I took English classes.
I took accent reduction classes.
I took business communication
classes and leadership classes.
Because I said that I want to lead my company like American leaders.
I took leadership classes.
I took public speaking classes.
Now I just need the capital to hire the most talented people
in America so that we will deploy and execute our plan.
– So you are using startup crowdfunding
– to capitalize or to access that capital.
– Correct?
And not every startup platform.
It’s PicMii.
And PicMii crowdfunding offers great features.
At PicMii it allows investment
from invetors from around the world.
It’s legal.
People were able since March 15th of 2021 to allow
everybody around the world to invest in a USA startup.
It’s legal.
And PicMii does that.
So right now we have investors from
France, Canada, obviously United States.
I believe Belgium and Switzerland.
PicMii also accepts investment made with any
type of cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ethereum.
– Okay
And I need to make sure, yes.
Once you start generating revenues
and you’ve got that stable track
record behind you, then the exit
strategy is for you to take it IPO..
Yes, the exit strategy is IPO.
It’s not just for fantasy.
Not, it’s really because IPO
stands for initial public offer.
In fact, it’s about numbers.
You can’t just say, “Oh, I’m going to go IPO.”
We believe that the numbers required by
the SEC to go IPO we’ll have it no problem.
Because part of the product we sell $2,000 for one jaw.
Which means $2,000 for upper jaw, $2,000 for lower jaw.
In the meantime, we have a layaway plan, a
subscription of $60 per month for one jaw.
And $110 a month for both upper and lower jaws.
The price today, it’s true that it will go up.
That’s for sure.
And Just imagine, Charles, 1 million
people making $110 per month.
How much is it?
– That’s a lot.
That is $110 million a month.
– Yes
By twelve months, it’s more than a billion dollars.
– And then your father’s prophecy will come true.
And these are numbers that are good for Wall Street.
It’s just what it is.
Oh, yeah.
And my father’s prediction will be true.
Well, congratulations, Lydie.
I’m very interested in following
your story and seeing how it
progresses and the success that
falls into your path along the way.
Thank you so much, Charles.
Please if you want to invest then go MyDentalWig.com.
On the top you click on the word “Invest”.
Also you can go directly to PicMii crowdfunding
and you’ll see my dental wig and invest.
If you are an accredited investor,
please contact 562-279-5770 on Whats App.
Send me a message if you want to invest, directly as an
accredited investor without going through the platform.
It is legal as well.
– Now, Lydia, I understand that you have a
– couple of Zoom calls coming up where people can
– learn more about MyDentalWig.com and how the
– technology works, the business opportunity.
– When is that happening?
We have those Zoom meetings in English every
Wednesday and Sunday at 10:00 am Los Angles time.
So please find online at 10:00 am Los Angeles time.
Find the exact time it is in your country or your city.
And in French, it’s Sunday and
Wednesday, but 12:00 pm Los Angles time.
We want to be able to explain to people what is it.
What does that mean?
They can invest even though they are not American
residents, even though they don’t live in the United States.
And I want to explain to them what’s
the difference between IPO and ICO.
They can understand that they are getting
a little piece of MyDentalWig company.
The zoom meetings are on Wednesday and
Sunday in English 10:00 am Los Angles Time.
In french language it is at 12:00 PM at Los Angles time.
– Great, thank you for that.
– So if people want to contact you at all, probably the
– easiest thing to do is just to message you though LinkedIn.
– And they can contact you.
– So do that if you want to know more about
– this opportunity, contact Lydie on LinkedIn.
Absolutely, Thank you.
– All right, best of luck, Lydie.
– Thank you very much.
Thank you so much, Charles.
Happy New Year.
– Happy new year to you too.
Thank you so much.

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