PRE-ORDER: DentalWig Partial Or Full On Both Upper & Lower Jaws



All Dental Wig are patented, and FDA cleared, 100% made in the USA in our factory that will be located here in Los Angeles County. We will launch starting in zip codes that we have pre-orders and subscribers to our Buy Once Smile Forever Layaway. Pre-order today and lock your price.

If you are afraid of needles, sick and tired of looking at your missing teeth in the mirror, sick and tired of trying all those gummy teeth sold online that don’t work, we can help. We will take away your wallet’s pain and help you get a natural, healthy and beautiful smile with our dental wig, and we will come to you. The way we do that is, with your investment for yourself, that will absolutely transform your life forever, one member of our team will come to you, get your impressions, after few sessions, and few days later, you end up with your Dental Wig on your upper jaw and your lower jaw, that seats perfectly in your mouth, and we guarantee you will sleep, kiss, eat, jump, swim, dive, chew almonds, apples, meat, etc and do whatever you want with.

The problem with dental implant is that they are painful, they can cause nerve damage or sinus perforation and they are expensive. Dentists don’t make teeth. Here, we are your direct teeth manufacturer. Denture slips because it wasn’t well made. With MyDentalWig false teeth denture, you will eat like with your natural teeth. You will bite into an apple and will appreciate the taste of your food. Our brain has the memory of a taste…

Make sure you have your bad teeth extracted and your mouth ready. You don’t have to fly to Tijuana anymore to fix your teeth. Your Dental Wig is 100% made in the USA.

If you don’t qualify for financing, we will help you with our monthly layaway payment plan.

Have your bad teeth extracted and your mouth will be ready.

Missing teeth can ruin your whole appearance. Fortunately, there’s MyDentalWig, a metal-free (eco-friendly), painless, elegant and long-lasting tooth replacement that doesn’t hurt, snaps into place and feels just like real teeth. You don’t even have to go out to be fitted, one of our trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologists will visit you at your home or office.
Your order Includes:
– Your impressions taken at your home or office.
– One custom fit Dental Wig for your upper and lower jaw which will match the color of your teeth and gums.
– One adjustment trip to your home if needed.
– Up to 3 trips to your home or office.

MyDentalWig is premium quality, hand crafted and proudly made in the U.S.A.

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